Dov Ber Abramowitz

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Dov Ber Abramowitz, April 1914

Dov Ber Abramowitz (1860 – 1926) was an American Orthodox Rabbi and author.

Born in Vabalninkas, Lithuania, he moved with his family to Jerusalem in 1870, at the age of ten. After being ordained by Rabbi Shmuel Salant, he served as a district rabbi in Jerusalem. In 1894, he immigrated to the United States. A few years later he was appinted as the chief dayyin of St. Louis. He was one of the founders of the Aggudath Harabbinim. He formed the first branch of Mizrachi in the United States in St. Louis and served as president of the American Mizrachi.

He died in Jerusalem, Mandate Palestine. His grandson was Abraham Leon Sachar.