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Dovbysh (Ukrainian: Довбиш) is an urban-type settlement in Baranivka Raion, Zhytomyr Oblast, Ukraine. The town is also known as Marchlewsk after the Polish-born Soviet politician and civil activist Julian Marchlewski. Population: 4,498 (2013 est.)[1]


In 1920s Marchlewsk was an administrative center of the Polish National Raion of Zhytomyr Okrug (district). Later it was incorporated into Kiev Oblast.

During World War II, Jews of the town[2] were murdered in a mass exectuion perpetrated by an Einsatzgruppen[3]

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Coordinates: 50°22′17″N 27°59′8″E / 50.37139°N 27.98556°E / 50.37139; 27.98556