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Rabbi David (Dovid) Feinstein (Hebrew: דוד פיינשטיין‎; born 1929 in Lyuban, USSR) is the son of the late Moshe Feinstein and an acknowledged Torah scholar and halachic authority. He resides on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and serves as the rosh yeshiva (dean) of the Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem yeshiva elementary and high school and kollel, inheriting the position after the passing of his father in 1986. He is also a prolific and erudite author, penning at least 9 books on such topics as halacha, Torah and the Jewish calendar, as well as some very popular Passover Haggadahs.

His is the first name in the Mesorah Heritage Foundation box of the inner cover in Artscroll publications.

Rabbi Feinstein is considered one of the closest disciples of his father, the late Rabbi Moshe Feinstein.

His brother, Rabbi Reuven Feinstein, is rosh yeshiva of the Staten Island branch of Mesivta Tifereth Jerusalem.

Kol Dodi[edit]

The title Kol Dodi (Hebrew קול דודי)[1][2][3][4] originated in the 1970s, at which time R'Dovid Feinstein's father was still alive, and R'Dovid would not allow his name on the cover. Hence:

  • Kol Dodi - the first 3 letters of Dodi spell the name Dovid;
  • the cover uses David rather than Dovid.

Dodi means My Beloved,[5] and can be a reference to his Creator.

Stone Chumash Masoretic notes[edit]

Within ArtScroll's Stone Chumash, at the end of each Parsha there is an explanation, authored by him, of that Parshas's Masoretic note.[6]


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