Dovre Church

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Dovre Church
Dovre kyrkje
Dovre kyrkje.jpg
Dovre Church
Location Dovre, Oppland county
Country Norway
Denomination Lutheran
Architect(s) Jesper Rusten
Completed 1736
Parish Dovre parish
Archdiocese Nord-Gudbrandsdal
Diocese Diocese of Hamar

Dovre Church (Dovre kyrkje) is a church located at Dovre in Oppland, Norway.[1][2]

The church was built of timber in 1736 and was later covered with slate in 1840-41. The church underwent reconstruction during 1841, 1910 and 1953-54. The baptismal font dates from the Middle Ages. It originated at a former church at Bergseng in Ringerike. The altar piece is carved by Johannes Skraastad. The pulpit was carved by Lars Pinnerud. There is a Soviet war memorial in the cemetery and three graves maintained for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.[3][4][5]


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Coordinates: 61°59′18″N 9°14′51″E / 61.98833°N 9.24750°E / 61.98833; 9.24750