Dowództwo Okręgu Korpusu

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A Dowództwo Okręgu Korpusu (DOK, English: Corps District Command) was a military district of the Ministry of Military Affairs of the Second Polish Republic. It served as an organizational, mobilisational, and administrative body of the Polish Army and all local military units of the country were subject to the Corps commands. Also, the DOKs ran all Military Draft Offices of Poland. The system of DOKs was modeled after the French Army, and according to Polish planners, each district located along either Soviet or German border was supposed to field one army.[1] It meant that all districts except for District X, were subject to this rule. The borders of the DOKs did not reflect the Administrative division of Second Polish Republic.[2]

Map of Corps District Commands of Poland in 1939

The districts[edit]

The interbellum Poland was since 1921 divided into ten Corps District Commands:

Furthermore, for military purposes, one special area was created, and it was not governed by the local Corps District Commands. It was Coastal Area of Gdynia (Obszar Nadmorski Gdynia), which, apart from the city of Gdynia itself, covered whole Polish Baltic Sea coastline, together with Puck, Władysławowo, Hel, Kartuzy, and Wejherowo. The Coastal Area of Gdynia was created in July 1937.

Military units in districts[edit]

Each DOK consisted of three Infantry Divisions, one Cavalry Brigade (with the exception of District IV), a regiment of heavy artillery, a regiment of military engineers as well as additional units. Therefore:

Borders of the districts[edit]


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