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Dowd Arms

Dowd is a derivation of an ancient surname which was once common in Ireland but is now quite rare. The name Dowd is an Anglicisation of the original Uí Dubhda, through its more common form O'Dowd. The Uí Dubhda are one of the Clann Uí Fiachrach, one of the major families of Irish clans.[1][2]


Writer Maureen Dowd
  • Ann Dowd (born 1956), American actress
  • Micheal Delaney Dowd (born 1925), (known as Mike Douglas) famous talk show host America 70's and 80's, 1925-2006
  • Anthony Dowd (born 1957), American jazz musician
  • Bernard J. Dowd (1891–1971), Mayor of Buffalo, New York, 1946–1949
  • Bill Dowd (1946- ), Regional Sales Manager, Cosel, Mesa Components
  • Charles F. Dowd (1825–1904), American educator who proposed United States time zones
  • Clement Dowd (1832–1898), American politician
  • Craig Dowd (born 1969), New Zealand rugby union player
  • David Dudley Dowd, Jr. (1929-2016), American judge
  • Douglas Fitzgerald Dowd (born 1919), American political economist, economic historian and political activist
  • Graham Dowd (born 1963), former New Zealand rugby player
  • Harry Dowd (born 1938), English former football goalkeeper
  • Hugh Dowd (born 1951), Northern Irish former footballer
  • Jim Dowd (politician) (born 1951), Member of Parliament for Lewisham West and Penge in the United Kingdom
  • Jim Dowd (ice hockey) (born 1968), American former professional National Hockey League player
  • Jeff Dowd (born 1949), American film producer and political activist best known as a member of the Seattle Seven
  • Johnny Dowd (born 1948), American country musician
  • John Albert Dowd (1876–1932), politician in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • John H. Dowd (1922–2004), American marketer
  • John M. Dowd (born 1941), American lawyer
  • John Dowd (baseball) (1891–1981), American baseball player
  • John Dowd (motocross) (born 1965), American professional motocross racer
  • John Dowd (politician) (born 1940), Australian politician, jurist, university executive and nonprofit manager
  • Maureen Dowd (born 1952), American journalist and newspaper columnist
  • Matthew Dowd (born 1961), American campaign advisor and media commentator
  • M'el Dowd (1933–2012), American actress
  • Michael Dowd (born 1958), American evolutionary evangelist and author
  • Nancy Dowd (born 1945), American screenwriter, sister of Ned Dowd
  • Ned Dowd (born 1950), American actor and film producer, brother of Nancy Dowd
  • Patrick Dowd, (born 1968), politician from Pittsburgh
  • Peter Dowd, English Labour Party politician, Member of Parliament (MP) for Bootle since May 2015
  • Phil Dowd (born 1963), English football referee
  • Raymond Dowd, San Francisco investment banker
  • Robert Dowd (1936–1996), American painter and sculptor
  • Siobhan Dowd (1960–2007), British writer and activist of Irish parents
  • Stanton Dowd, a character in the Deus Ex video game universe, a leader of Illuminati
  • Thomas Dowd (bishop) (1960–2007), Canadian Catholic bishop
  • Tom Dowd (1925–2002), American recording engineer and producer
  • Tommy Dowd (baseball) (1869–1933), American Major League Baseball player
  • Tommy Dowd (Gaelic footballer) (born 1969), former Irish Gaelic footballer
  • Wayne Dowd (1941-2016), American lawyer and politician
  • William Dowd (1922–2008), American harpsichord maker
  • William Miles Dowd (born 1942), American author, newspaper editor, and online journalist
    Father Patrick Dowd




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