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Down is the relative vertical direction opposed to up.

Down may also refer to:



Film, television and literature[edit]

  • "Down" (Breaking Bad), an episode from season two of TV series Breaking Bad
  • Down (comics), a comic book published by Top Cow Productions
  • Down (film), a 2001 English remake of the film De Lift, about an express elevator that develops a mind of its own
  • Down (novel), a 1997 Bernice Summerfield novel by Lawrence Miles


Northern Ireland, UK[edit]

Republic of Ireland[edit]


  • John Langdon Down (1828–1896), British physician best known for his description of Down syndrome
  • Down AKA Kilo (born 1985), American rapper from Oxnard, California
  • Lesley-Anne Down (born 1954), English actress, former model, and singer

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