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"Down Down Baby" is a clapping game played by children in English-speaking countries. In the game, two or more children stand in a circle, and clap hands in tune to a rhyming song. As with most hand-clapping games, there are many variations. Modified versions of the song have appeared in Little Anthony and the Imperials's "Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop",[1][2] Nelly's "Country Grammar",[3][4] Simian Mobile Disco's "Hotdog", The Drums' "Let's Go Surfing", Usher's "OMG", and the film Big.


There are many variations of this clapping game from around the world.[5] The actual lyrics that any given group of children use may vary based on region, era, and ethnicity.


The lyrics cited here are the essential lyrics of the rhyme, and are the lyrics that were featured in a 1980s segment of the US version of Sesame Street.[6]

there is a train going Down, down, baby
Down, down the roller coaster (accompanied by the hand making a horizontal wave motion)
Sweet, sweet, mama (accompanied by both arms crossing the chest)
I'll never let you go

If you wanna kiss me just say you love me


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