Down in a Mirror: A Second Tribute to Jandek

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Down in a Mirror: A Second Tribute to Jandek
Studio album by
various artists/Summersteps Records
RecordedSeptember 21, 2004 — February 17, 2005
GenreOutsider music
LabelSummersteps Records
CompilerEric Schlitter
various artists/Summersteps Records chronology
Naked in the Afternoon: A Tribute to Jandek
Down in a Mirror: A Second Tribute to Jandek
Professional ratings
Review scores
Pitchfork Media(7.6)[2]

Down in a Mirror: A Second Tribute to Jandek is a tribute album compiled by Moscow, PA-based independent record label Summersteps Records, released as a follow-up to the label's first Jandek tribute, Naked in the Afternoon. As with Naked in the Afternoon, Down In A Mirror features cover versions of songs by the reclusive avant-folk/blues singer/songwriter Jandek. Some of the artists are members of the Summersteps roster or fans forming one-time combos to participate on the album, but the album also features contributions from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, Six Organs of Admittance (reportedly a favorite modern act of Jandek's, according to the "unauthorized" Texas Monthly interview), The Mountain Goats, Kawabata Makoto of Acid Mothers Temple, Lewis & Clarke and Okkervil River.

All of the songs are covers of songs from Jandek's back catalog, with the exception of the contribution by the act Dirty Projectors, an original song called "With U Icon (An Homage)". As with the first Summersteps-led tribute album, Jandek gave full permission to cover his material through his Corwood Industries label and, at Summersteps' request, contributed some photographs taken by the singer/songwriter for the CD's cover art that emulates Jandek's own record/CD releases.

The recording, compilation, and release of Down In A Mirror came in the wake of both the acclaimed documentary Jandek on Corwood and Jandek's own sudden surprise foray into live performance, and as a result gained more attention than the original tribute album.

Three of the songs on the compilation, "Nancy Sings", "Babe I Love You", and "Cave In On You", were also covered on Naked in the Afternoon five years earlier, and two songs, "You Painted Your Teeth" and "Babe I Love You" are covered twice (in different arrangements) on this album - a slight curiosity given the fact that at the time the last contribution to this album was finished in February 2005, Corwood Industries had released over 40 albums of Jandek material.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Crack a Smile" (from Lost Cause) – 3:35
  2. "You Painted Your Teeth" (from Telegraph Melts) – 2:36
    • Performed by Live Show Rabbits
  3. "The Dunes" (from Worthless Recluse) – 2:04
  4. "Your Other Man" (from Blue Corpse) – 5:17
  5. "Message to the Clerk" (from On The Way) – 3:43
    • Performed by Brother JT
  6. "I'll Sit Alone and Think a lot About You" (from On the Way) – 4:31
  7. "Cave in on You/European Jewel" (Incomplete) (both from Ready for the House) – 5:06
    • Performed by Home for the Def
  8. "Down in a Mirror" (from Chair Beside a Window) – 3:34
    • Performed by The Marshmallow Staircase
  9. "White Box" (from White Box Requiem) – 2:51
  10. "Aimless Breeze" (from Worthless Recluse) – 2:40
    • Performed by George Parsons
  11. "Nancy Sings" (from Chair Beside a Window) – 4:47
  12. "Naked in the Afternoon" (from Ready for the House) – 2:45
    • Performed by Jack Norton
  13. "Sung" (from Interstellar Discussion) – 1:46
    • Performed by Rivulets
  14. "Babe I Love You" (from Lost Cause) – 4:31
  15. "The Spirit" (from Interstellar Discussion) – 4:01
  16. "Just Die" (from I Woke Up) – 6:48
    • Performed by a Real Knife Head
  17. "Van Nuys Mission" (from Glad to Get Away) – 2:51
  18. "I Found the Right Change" (from The Gone Wait) – 1:46
  19. "Babe I Love You" (from Lost Cause) – 2:44
  20. "You Painted Your Teeth" (from Telegraph Melts) – 4:09
  21. "With U Icon" (An Homage) (Dog Longneck) – 5:09


  • Ted Baird – design, layout design
  • Ross Beach – instrumentation
  • Brother JT – instrumentation
  • Dan Burton – engineer
  • Jessica Cowley – engineer
  • Jordan Geiger – piano, keyboards
  • Gary Pig Gold – liner notes
  • Michael Kapinus – bass
  • Kawabata Makoto – vocals, hurdygurdy
  • Dan Melchior – instrumentation
  • The Mountain Goats – guitar, vocals
  • Travis Nelsen – drums
  • Jack Norton – guitar, vocals, engineer
  • George Parsons – vocals
  • Rivulets – instrumentation
  • Will Sheff – acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Jeff Tweedy – bass, guitar, vocals, mellotron
  • Jason Woods – drums
  • Executive producer: Eric Schlittler
  • Layout and design: Ted Baird
  • Mastering: Dan McKinney


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