Down on Sunset

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Down on Sunset
Thomas Anders - Down on sunset.jpg
Studio album by Thomas Anders
Released 1 September 1992
Recorded 1992
Genre Pop, latin pop
Label Polydor, PolyGram
Producer Christian De Walden, Ralf Stemmann
Thomas Anders chronology
Down on Sunset
When Will I See You Again
How Deep Is Your Love
Thomas anders-how deep is your love cover.jpg

Down on Sunset is the title of the third studio album by singer-songwriter & producer Thomas Anders,[1] released in 1992. It is produced by Ralf Stemmann and Christian De Walden (Brigitte Nielsen) and contains Neil Sedaka's classics Laughter in the Rain. Several songs were co-written by Thomas Anders aka Chris Copperfield.[2] The same year album was re-released in Japan.[3] How Deep Is Your Love and Standing Alone (duet with Glenn Medeiros) were released as singles. In 1995 My One And Only was covered in Spanish by Kiara and How Deep Is Your Love was covered by Danny de Munk.[4] In 1998 this album was re-released as How Deep Is Your Love by Spectrum and Universal.[5]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "How Deep Is Your Love" (Marc Cassandra/ Chris Copperfield, Marc Cassandra, Mike Shepstone) — 4:06
  2. "You Have Rescued Me" (Mimmo Castelli, Chris Copperfield / Mike Shepstone, Chris Copperfield) — 3:51
  3. "My One And Only" (Steve Singer, Lisa Catherine Cohen, Aides Hidding) — 4:04
  4. "Across The World Tonight" (Steve Singer/Mike Shepstone) — 4:48
  5. "Standing Alone" (Duet With Glenn Medeiros) (Rick Lane, Lee York/Mike Shepstone) — 3:59
  6. "Laughter In The Rain" (Neil Sedaka/Phil Cody) — 3:15
  7. "Turn Around" (Mimmo Castelli, Ralf Stemmann, Chris Copperfield / Mike Shepstone, Chris Copperfield) — 3:57
  8. "If You Could Only See Me Now" (Ralf Stemmann/ Chris Copperfield, Mike Shepstone) — 3:48
  9. "A Little At A Time" (Austin Roberts, Todd Cerney, Nat Kipner) — 3:36
  10. "Thru With Love" (Marc Cassandra, Chris Copperfield / Mike Shepstone, Chris Copperfield) — 4:22
  11. "Cruising Down On Sunset" (Marc Cassandra, Chris Copperfield, Ralf Stemmann/Mike Shepstone, Marc Anderson) — 3:09



Music videos[edit]

  • Standing Alone (duet with Glenn Medeiros) was released as a music video and featured on Thomas Anders - The DVD-Collection.


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