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Downer EDI Rail GT46C-ACe
SCT Logistics SCT class locomotives at Laverton
in March 2008
Type and origin
Power typeDiesel-electric
BuilderDiesel Locomotive Works, EDI Rail, Cardiff
ModelElectro-Motive Diesel GT46C-ACe
Build date2007-13
Total produced79
 • UICCo-Co
Gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Length21.2 m (69 ft 7 in)
Loco weight134 t (132 long tons; 148 short tons)
139 t (137 long tons; 153 short tons)
Fuel typeDiesel
Prime moverElectro-Motive Diesel 16-710 G3C-ES
AlternatorElectro-Motive Diesel TA17-CA9E
Traction motorsSiemens 1TB 2630
Performance figures
Maximum speed115 km/h (71 mph)
Power output3,350 kW (4,490 hp)
Tractive effort500 kN (110,000 lbf)
OperatorsDowner Rail Locomotive Demand Power
Genesee & Wyoming Australia
Pacific National
SCT Logistics
Whitehaven Coal
Southern Shorthaul Railroad
Number in class79
First run2007
Current ownerAurizon
Downer Rail Locomotive Demand Power
Genesee & Wyoming Australia
Pacific National
SCT Logistics
Whitehaven Coal
Southern Shorthaul Railroad
Disposition79 in service.

The GT46C ACe is a model of diesel electric locomotive designed and built by Downer Rail, Cardiff using Electro-Motive Diesel components between 2007 and 2013.

The first units were built as the SCT class for freight operator SCT Logistics from 2007 followed by the LDP class for Downer Rail's Locomotive Demand Power division, the TT class for Pacific National, the GWA class for Genesee & Wyoming Australia, the WH class for Whitehaven Coal, and the SSR class for Southern Shorthaul Railroad.


The class was a new design for Australian conditions based on other locomotives produced by Downer EDI Rail, such as the narrow gauge GT42CU AC purchased by Queensland Rail and Pacific National and the GT46C purchased by Westrail, Freight Australia and FreightLink. The GT42CU AC used a 12-cylinder EMD 710 engine, based on the USA built SD70MAC with scaled down traction motors, while the GT46C used a 16-cylinder EMD 710 engine with DC traction systems. The American SD70ACe was EMD's 2nd generation AC loco with IGBT inverters, but was too large and heavy for the Australian interstate standard gauge network, weighing in at 188 tonnes when the limit was 134 tonnes. In addition, the GT46C design was already at the 134 tonne limit, even before adding inverters, heavier traction motors and more cooling capacity for higher power engine, and there was a requirement that fuel capacity could not be sacrificed.[1]

The locomotive has AC traction equipment, with a Mitsubishi Electric package also used on the SD70ACe, including a TA17 traction alternator, CA9E companion alternator and six ITB 2630 traction motors, along with solid state IGBT inverters.[2] The prime mover is a turbocharged 16-cylinder EMD 710. New technology used included passive steer bogies, to reduce flange wear on curves.[3] The class were built at Cardiff, with the frames constructed at Port Augusta, and the bogie frames at Kelso,[3] reliability was instilled in this class through the tireless efforts of Darrell Sherry, and the tight document control of Rob McNulty. The Downer Rail GT46C ACe and the PL class are the only locomotives to bear Rob's personal stamp of approval.


SCT class[edit]

The SCT class are used by SCT Logistics on their freight services from Adelaide to Melbourne, Parkes and Perth. Locomotive SCT007 is named Geoff (James Bond) Smith after the CEO of the company.[4][5] The benefits of AC traction has enabled a fleet of 15 locomotive to do the work of 20 DC traction equipped locomotives, three AC vs four DC units being needed on the Melbourne to Adelaide journey, and two AC vs three DC units between Adelaide to Perth. An on-train refuelling system carries 50,000 litres of diesel in a tanker behind the locomotives and eliminates the need to refuel en route.[1]

LDP class[edit]

LDP001 in Downer EDI Rail livery leads LDP007 in QRNational livery in Melbourne in July 2009

The LDP class were built by Downer EDI Rail to be leased out to rail operators through their subsidiary Locomotive Demand Power. In December 2008 it was announced that QR National has signed a five-year deal for the nine locomotives, covering the construction and delivery of the locomotives, maintenance, the provision of spare parts, and options to extend the lease for an additional five years. The locomotives LDP001-005 are leased by SCT logistics and used on their intermodal services. [6][7] They are used on standard gauge intermodal freight services, LDP001-003 were painted in a blue and white Downer EDI Rail livery, while the remainder are in QR National yellow livery. LDP005 is now painted in progress rail livery. LDP004 is in white undercoat. [8][9] A further five were manufactured in 2013.

TT class[edit]

With the aging of the 48 and PL-class fleets, Pacific National purchased 31 TT classes for the trains of the Hunter Valley. TT02 was later named "Darrell Sherry". They are equipped with ECP brakes and are used with NHDH, NHEH and NHYH hoppers. [10] They are different in some respects from SCT / LDP category units because they can run at two different weights: their weight, fuel load and operating range when the weight is between 139 and 132 tons Heavyweight same 90 classes; but under 132 tons, they are cleared for normal operation, such as SCT / LDP class. [11] [12]

The first locomotives were originally intended to built as LDP010-LDP018, and leased to other railway operators, until Downer EDI and Pacific National reached an agreement to sell directly. [10] TT01 conducted the first test on November 26, 2009.

TT130, TT131 and TT132 are owned by UGL

WH class[edit]

The three WH class locomotives were ordered by Whitehaven Coal entering service painted blue and white. They are used to haul coal trains from Whitehaven's mines in the Gunnedah Basin and are operated by Pacific National.[10]

GWA Class[edit]

In early 2011 Genesee & Wyoming Australia ordered seven locomotives (later increased to 10) for the Adelaide–Darwin railway.[11][12][13]

SSR Class[edit]

The 2 class members were ordered by Southern Shorthaul Railroad in 2014 to operate its grain services, displacing hired motive power.


Owner Class Number in class Road numbers Built Notes
SCT Logistics SCT class 15 SCT001-SCT015 2007-08
Downer Rail Locomotive Demand Power LDP class 9 LDP001-LDP009 2009-10 LDP001-LDP009 leased to Aurizon. LDP010-LDP012 sold to Pacific National to become TT130-TT132, April 2015. LDP013-LDP014 sold to Southern Shorthaul Railroad to become SSR101-SSR102.
Pacific National TT class 40 TT01-TT08, TT101-TT132 2009-12 TT130-TT132, ex-LDP010-LDP012.
Whitehaven Coal WH class 3 WH001-WH003 2011 Operated by Pacific National
Genesee & Wyoming Australia GWA class 10 GWA001-GWA010 2011-12 GWA001 named "Phillip J Ringo"
Southern Shorthaul Railroad SSR class 2 SSR101-SSR102 2014 SSR101 is named "Enfield" and SSR102 is named "Bendigo". ex-LDP013-LDP014.

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