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Origin Berkeley, California
Genres Ska punk, hardcore punk
Years active 1989
Labels Lookout
Associated acts Operation Ivy, Rancid
Past members

Downfall was a ska and punk band from the Bay Area formed by Tim Armstrong, Matt Freeman, Dave Mello, Pat Mello, and Jason Hammon following the break-up of Operation Ivy in 1989 and pre-dating Armstrong's and Freeman's wider recognition in Rancid.[1] They performed three shows, one at 924 Gilman Street, over a period of three months.



Downfall recorded a CD/10" LP called "Get Ready For Action" for Lookout!/Very Small Records. The album would have been Lookout!#99, and was scheduled for release in late 1994. Get Ready For Action was delayed and never released. In the mid 1990s, Brett Gurewitz remixed the album, but due to Rancid's mainstream attention, it was also never released. [2] Low quality recordings of the songs have surfaced via internet filesharing. They are well received by Operation Ivy fans who have heard them. A bootleg of Downfall playing live at 924 Gilman Street on October 21st 1989 has also surfaced on the internet.

Get Ready For Action[edit]

All lyrics written by Downfall; all music composed by Downfall.

No. Title Length
1. "As One" 2:48
2. "Step In Line" 2:57
3. "Hard Life" 2:06
4. "North Berkeley" 2:24
5. "Destruction" 2:34
6. "Going Down" 2:12
7. "New Regulations" 2:37
8. "The Storm" 3:00
9. "My City" 1:51
10. "Blank Generation" 2:55
11. "Long Way to Go" 2:25
Total length: 27:49

Live at Gilman Street[edit]

All lyrics written by Downfall; all music composed by Downfall.

No. Title Length
1. "My City" 1:52
2. "Hard Life" 2:09
3. "Long Way to Go" 2:40
4. "Pushing Too Far" 1:45
5. "No Reason" 2:03
6. "Take a Look Around" 1:47
7. "One Problem" 1:49
8. "Good Time" 2:41
9. "Neurosis Tribute" 0:41
10. "Get With It" 2:21
11. "As One" 1:36
12. "Shattered Life" 2:08
13. "Going Down" 2:14
14. "I Got No" (Operation Ivy cover) 1:38
15. "Pushing Too Far" 1:45

Compilation Appearances[edit]

Year Title Label Contributing track
1989 They Don't Get Paid, They Don't Get Laid, But Boy Do They Work Hard! LP Maximum RocknRoll "Long Way to Go"
1992 Can of Pork 2xLP/CD Lookout! "North Berkeley"
1992 Very Small World 2xLP Very Small "New Regulations"
1992 Later That Same Year Cassette/CD" Absolutely Zippo "My City"

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