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"Download It"
Single by Clea
from the album Identity Crisis & Trinity
Released 22 September 2003
Format CD Single
DVD Single
Recorded 2003
Genre Pop/R&B
Length 4:06
Label 1967
Writer(s) Christian Ballard, Andrew Ian Murray, Tom Nichols
Clea singles chronology
"Download It"
"Stuck in the Middle"

"Download It" is Clea's debut single. It was released in the UK on 22 September 2003 and missed the top 20 charting at #21, selling 12,050 copies in the UK. The single had average promotion, being performed in shows like Top of the Pops. The song appears on their international debut album, Identity Crisis, and was re-recorded for their UK debut album Trinity without Chloe Staines vocals.

Music video[edit]

Clea filmed a video for this single in Canada, featuring the 4 girls in a house as if they were digital humans or similar. It doesn't have a proper plot but it can be inferred that they are watching someone. The video appears on the DVD single.

Track list and formats[edit]

  • CD Single
  1. "Download It [radio edit]"
  2. "Mind Games"
  3. "Download It [Sergio mix]"
  • DVD Single
  1. "Download It [video]"
  2. "Mind Games"
  3. "Download It [Cicada remix]"
  4. "Download It [Behind The Scenes]"
  5. "Photo Gallery, Bio, Lyrics"


Chart performance[edit]

Year Chart Peak
2003 UK Top 75 Singles 21