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Downtown El Paso in 1908.

Downtown El Paso is the central business district of El Paso, Texas.


Downtown El Paso today

Dr. James Day, an El Paso historian, said that downtown's main business area was originally centered between Second Street and San Francisco Street. At a later point the main business area was centered on Stanton Street and Santa Fe. In the late 1800s most of the White American residents lived to the north of the non-White areas, living in brick residences along Magoffin, Myrtle, and San Antonio streets. Hispanic American residents lived in an area called "Chihuahuita" ("little Chihuahua"), which was located south of Santa Fe and west of Second. Several African Americans and around 300 Chinese Americans also lived in Chihuahuita. Many of the Chinese Americans built railroads in the El Paso area.[1]

Government and infrastructure[edit]

The Texas Eighth Court of Appeals is located in downtown El Paso.[2]

The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, sitting in El Paso, is located in downtown.


El Paso Independent School District provides educational services.

El Paso Public Library operates the Main Library in downtown El Paso.[3]

Diplomatic missions[edit]

The Consulate-General of Mexico in El Paso is located in downtown.[4]



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