Doyōbi no Tamanegi

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"Doyōbi no Tamanegi
Cover of single release of Doyōbi no Tamanegi.
Cover of single release of Doyōbi no Tamanegi.
Single by Yuki Saito
from the album Garasu no Kodō
A-side Doyōbi no Tamanegi
B-side Axia - Kanashii Kotori
Released May 21, 1986 (1986-05-21)
Genre J-pop
Length 3:43
Label Canyon Records
Writer(s) Hiroko Taniyama, Toshio Kamei
Yuki Saito singles chronology
Kanashimi yo Konnichi wa
Doyōbi no Tamanegi
Aozora no Kakera

Doyōbi no Tamanegi (土曜日のタマネギ?, lit. "Saturday Scallions") is the sixth single by Japanese pop singer Yuki Saito. It was released May 21, 1986 by Canyon Records together with "Axia - Kanashii Kotori" (AXIA-かなしいことり-?, lit. "Sorrowful Songbird"). It was ranked #6 on the Oricon charts.


"Doyōbi no Tamanegi" was released on May 21, 1986 as a 12-inch single vinyl record through Canyon Records. The single reached #6 on the Oricon charts.[1]

The B-side release was "Axia - Kanashii Kotori". The title song had lyrics written by Hiroko Taniyama, the music was composed by Toshio Kamei and was arranged by Satoshi Takebe. Natsuo Giniro wrote the lyrics and composed the music for the B-side,[2] and Takebe arranged the music.[notes 1]

The original single sold 320,000 copies initially, and a total of 880,000 copies. It was later rereleased as a mini CD single on April 29, 1988.[1]

Chart history[edit]

Chart (1986) Release Peak
Oricon "Doyōbi no Tamanegi / Axia - Kanashii Kotori" 6

Track listing[edit]

12" (catalog #C12A0491)
CD single (catalog #S10A0040, released April 29, 1988)
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Doyōbi no Tamanegi" (土曜日のタマネギ) Hiroko Taniyama Toshio Kamei (composer)
Satoshi Takebe (arranger)
2. "Axia - Kanashii Kotori" (AXIA-かなしいことり-) Natsuo Giniro Natsuo Giniro (composer)
Satoshi Takebe (arranger)
Total length:


  1. ^ These individuals are all listed on the album cover as well as the label on the vinyl EP itself.