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Doy Bags is a registered trademark of Tasaram Ltd., a Filipino Company. However, in common use, it most often refers to the products of the company, which are bags made from recycled juice packs, so called doypacks, hence the name. According to the company's own description,[1] doy bags are produced by about 500 Filipino women. The juice packs are either sewn together or woven. The product came up as an idea to reuse Philippinian Juice Cartons, which is claimed to be a major waste problem in the Philippines. They are made of foil and plastic, which are not biodegradable. The product comes in different colours, sizes and shapes and even products which are not bags are offered, such as belts or aprons.

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The products of Doy Bags are not the only ones made from product wrappings. For example, the German chocolate company Ritter sport sells bags made from a mix of the wrappings of their products.[2] However, they do not claim to create their bags from recycled packs.


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