Drôme (river)

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Country France
Main source French Prealps
River mouth Rhône
44°46′15″N 4°45′46″E / 44.77083°N 4.76278°E / 44.77083; 4.76278Coordinates: 44°46′15″N 4°45′46″E / 44.77083°N 4.76278°E / 44.77083; 4.76278
Progression RhôneMediterranean Sea
Basin size 1,663 km2 (642 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 110.7 km (68.8 mi)
  • Average rate:
    20 m3/s (710 cu ft/s)

The Drôme (Occitan: Droma), a river in southeastern France, has a length of 111 km and a watershed of 1,663 km² and is a left tributary of the Rhône.[1] Its source is in the western foothills of the Alps, near the village Valdrôme. It flows into the Rhône near Loriol-sur-Drôme, between Valence and Montélimar. Tributaries of the Drôme include the Bez (or Bès), the Roanne and the Gervanne.

The Drôme flows through the following départements and towns: