Drøbak Sound

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Drøbak Sound with Oscarsborg Fortress, seen from the east side of the Oslofjord

The Drøbak Sound (Norwegian: Drøbaksundet) is a sound at the Oslofjord narrows between Drøbak and Hurum. Outer Oslofjord, which is a term for the Oslofjord south of the Drøbak Sound until it meets the Skagerrak. Inner Oslofjord which is a term for the rest of the fjord, that starts in the Drøbak Sound northwards towards Oslo, where the fjord makes a turn and continues to the Bunne Fjord.

The Drøbak Sound was previously guarded by Oscarsborg Fortress. During the German invasion of Norway on 9 April 1940, the German cruiser Blücher was sunk by the fortress.[1] Oscarsborg Fortress has been converted into a museum and a hotel. There is a ferry from Drøbak.

The subsea Oslofjord Tunnel at the Norwegian National Road 23 is running underneath the Oslofjord connects the east side and the west side of the fjord.

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Coordinates: 59°40′30″N 10°36′56″E / 59.67500°N 10.61556°E / 59.67500; 10.61556