Dr. Belisario Domínguez Municipality

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Dr. Belisario Domínguez
Municipality of Dr. Belisario Domínguez in Chihuahua
Municipality of Dr. Belisario Domínguez in Chihuahua
Dr. Belisario Domínguez is located in Mexico
Dr. Belisario Domínguez
Dr. Belisario Domínguez
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 28°9′18″N 106°28′37″W / 28.15500°N 106.47694°W / 28.15500; -106.47694Coordinates: 28°9′18″N 106°28′37″W / 28.15500°N 106.47694°W / 28.15500; -106.47694
Country  Mexico
State Chihuahua
Municipal seat San Lorenzo
 • Total 636.3 km2 (245.7 sq mi)
Population (2010)
 • Total 2,911

Dr. Belisario Domínguez is one of the 67 municipalities of Chihuahua, in northern Mexico. The municipal seat lies at San Lorenzo. The municipality covers an area of 7,877 km².

As of 2010, the municipality had a total population of 2,911,[1] up from 1,453 as of 2005.[2]

The municipality had 41 localities, none of which had a population over 1,000.[1]

It acquired its present name in 1935 in honor of Belisario Domínguez, a senator for Chiapas murdered during the Mexican Revolution.


Towns and villages[edit]

The municipality has 23 localities.

Name Population (2005)
Tutuaca 752
Santa María de Cuevas 324
Santa Rosalía de Cuevas 308
San Lorenzo 308
Total Municipality 7471


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