Dr. Chopper

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Dr. Chopper
The DVD cover for Dr. Chopper.
Directed by Lewis Schoenbrun
Produced by Mark Headley
Miranda Kwok
Tanya York
Written by Ian Holt
Starring Ed Brigadier
Chelsey Crisp
Costas Mandylor
Cinematography Andrew Parke
Edited by Lewis Schoenbrun
Distributed by York Entertainment
Release date
August 2, 2005
Running time
86 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Dr. Chopper is a 2005 American horror film directed by Lewis Schoenbrun. The plot centers on five young friends who, while heading for vacation at a family cabin, encounter a notorious motorcycle-riding serial killer Dr. Fielding (Ed Brigadier) and his two cannibalistic female assistants, who murder and dismember people in search of body parts which Dr. Chopper uses as replacements for his own in order to extend his life.


A weekend retreat turns into a fight for their lives when a group of five hard-partying college students crosses paths with a demented gang of motorcycle marauders and their hideously disfigured leader in this tale of terror featuring Picket Fences star Costas Mandylor. The lake may be calling, but the crystal clear water turns blood red when the sadistic Dr. Chopper and his band of nurses begin stalking the students to harvest their body parts. After endless years of transplants, Dr. Chopper and the nurses have been rendered physically repulsive and mentally unhinged, and the only way for the creepy crew to keep themselves alive is to harvest the body parts of their victims. When Jessica and her friends are stalked through the woods and locked away in Dr. Chopper's blood-soaked lair of doom, their only hope for survival is to turn the tables on their captor and kill or be killed.



The film received very negative reviews. As of 2008, it has received a rating of only 2.5 out of 10 on the Internet Movie Database.

The film does however have some form of a cultish fanbase, internet film critic Danny Price for Icons of Fright cites it as one of his favourite B-Movies of all time in the Schlock Value column of Icons of Fright, his comments are made in the columns debut edition in December 2007.[1]


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