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For the Doctor Impossible created by Austin Grossman, see Soon I Will Be Invincible.

Doctor Impossible
Doctor Impossible
art by Ed Benes
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Justice League of America
(vol. 2) #1
Created by Brad Meltzer (writer)
Ed Benes (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Jonas Lock
Species New God
Place of origin Apokolips
  • Escape artist
  • superior intellect
  • Superhuman strength, speed, stamina & reflexes
  • technology expert
  • master hand-to-hand combat
  • Father Box.

Doctor Impossible is a fictional supervillain created by DC Comics. He first appeared in Justice League of America, vol. 2 #1.[1] Brad Meltzer and Ed Benes created this character, who was inspired by the concepts of Jack Kirby.


Prior to his actual appearance, rumor spread amongst the criminal underground that he was a thug who previously worked for the Penguin. It is said that his name is Jonas Lock and that at some point he acquired his technology from Apokolips.[2] Dr. Impossible himself claims to be the brother of Mr. Miracle and to have come from Apokolips.,[3] whose costume resembles a dark variation of Mr. Miracle, and with equipment and skills to match.

After he arrived on Earth, Impossible gained control of Professor Ivo, Electrocutioner, Plastique, and Karate Kid (in the guise of Trident), and Solomon Grundy through a mechanically enhanced Starro parasite. The brainwashed villains were used to gather raw materials for the construction of a robotic body to hold the mind of Grundy. Doctor Impossible stole the body of Red Tornado, decapitated 2 of the Metal Men (Gold and Platinum) and the arm of the Parasite, but was defeated by members of the Justice League.[1]

Impossible returned, accompanied by evil duplicates of several deceased New Gods, to seize an alien machine that was buried on Earth for centuries. His new associates are Neon Black, Hunter, Chair, and Tender Mercy, duplicates of Lightray, Orion, Metron, and Big Barda, respectively. He and his team were powerful enough to defeat Josiah Power and his team, the Power Company, in combat. They are later seen breaking into the Justice League Watchtower to steal alien artifacts.[4] After successfully stealing the artifact, the villains are ambushed by the newly arrived Green Arrow, who is on the run after killing Prometheus. Impossible and his partners are eventually forced to flee after a damaged Red Tornado uses his headless body to attack them. Impossible combines the stolen artifacts and creates an advanced machine. He places the kidnapped Justice League Europe member Blue Jay inside of it. This opens up a gateway to the Multiverse, which Impossible claims to do at the behest of an unnamed client.[5]

Afterward, Doctor Impossible determines that the Crime Syndicate of America (CSA) is planning to resurrect Alexander Luthor, Jr. in the chamber of resurrection. Impossible and the CSA arrive on New Earth to attack the Justice League of America (JLA) in the Hall of Justice, their headquarters. While the other CSA members keep the JLA busy, the supervillain Owl Man sneaks off to allow Dr. Impossible access to the resurrection device. At the last moment, Doctor Impossible double-crosses the CSA and has Hunter remove Alexander Luthor's corpse and substitute himself in order to resurrect Darkseid. The resurrection machine destroys Hunter, as a character appears within the smoke of the containment device. Doctor Impossible exults to his team that Darkseid has returned; however, the being before them is in fact the Omega Man, an inter-dimensional being that feeds on parallel universes. He blasts Neon Black and Tender Mercy, killing them,[6] and Doctor Impossible flees.[7]

Some time later, Doctor Impossible is hired by Doctor Sivana to build the Methuselah, a device that can either make a man immortal or bring the dead to life, for Deathstroke (who wishes to heal his son Jericho) and his Titans[disambiguation needed] team. Eventually the device is destroyed by other members of the Titans, and Impossible refuses to rebuild it, claiming it is an abomination.[8]

Equipment and abilities[edit]

While Mr. Miracle is aided by his benevolent Mother Box and uses Boom Tubes to travel from place to place, Dr. Impossible uses a Father Box and "Hush Tubes."[1] Though Father Boxes have been featured in other stories as Apokiliptian technology that was based on the Mother Box, "Hush Tubes," however, have not been explained or utilized in any other stories. In addition his technological expertise, Impossible has a great level intellect, and also is an experienced escape artist and expert martial artist with superhuman physical attributes.


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