Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo

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Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo
Directed byLeón Klimovsky
Produced byAlfredo Fraile
Arturo González
Written byJacinto Molina
StarringPaul Naschy
Shirley Corrigan
Jack Taylor
Music byAntón García Abril
CinematographyFrancisco Fraile
Edited byPetra de Nieva
Distributed byRegia-Arturo González Rodríguez (Spain, theatrical),
Filmaco (USA, theatrical)
Release date
  • 6 May 1972 (1972-05-06)
Running time
96 minutes

Dr. Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo (Dr. Jekyll and the Wolfman), also known as Dr. Jekyll and the Werewolf, is a 1971 Spanish horror film, the sixth in the series, about the werewolf Count Waldemar Daninsky, played by Paul Naschy. It was followed by a sequel, El Retorno de Walpurgis.


Paul Naschy returns as El Hombre Lobo for the sixth time as he searches for a cure to his lycanthropy by visiting the grandson of the infamous Dr. Jekyll. He is given a serum that transforms him into a Hyde-like personality in the hope that it will sublimate his werewolf self, but it results unfortunately in an even more savage monster. The film features a classic scene wherein the wolfman transforms in an elevator, much to the chagrin of a female fellow passenger. Famed Euro-horror star Jack Taylor played Dr. Henry Jekyll.


  • Jacinto Molina as Waldemar Daninsky/Wolfman/Mr. Hyde
  • Shirley Corrigan as Justine
  • Jack Taylor as Dr. Henry Jekyll
  • Mirta Miller as Sandra
  • José Marco as Imre Kosta
  • Luis Induni as Otvos
  • Bernabe Barta Barri as Gyogyo, the innkeeper
  • Luis Gaspar as Thurko, Otvos's thug
  • Elsa Zabala as Uswika Bathory
  • Lucy Tiller
  • Jorge Vico
  • Adolfo Thous

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