Dr. Knock

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Dr. Knock
Directed by Guy Lefranc
Produced by Léon Canel
Written by Georges Neveux
Jules Romains
Starring Louis Jouvet
Louis de Funès
Music by Paul Misraki
Distributed by La Société des Films Sirius (1951) (France); Martin Lewis (1955) (USA)
Release date
21 March 1951 (France)
Running time
98 minutes
Country France
Language French

Dr. Knock (original title Knock[1]) is a French comedy film from 1951, directed by Guy Lefranc, written by Georges Neveux, and starring by Louis Jouvet. It also features an uncredited appearance by Louis de Funès. The movie is based on the 1923 theatre play Knock ou le Triomphe de la médecine (Knock or The Triumph of Medicine) by Jules Romain.


The ambitious Dr. Knock arrives in the country village Saint-Maurice to succeed Dr. Parpalaid, a brave and honest man but whose customers are rare. The health status of the country is excellent. Realizing that he was duped by his predecessor, Dr. Knock is determined and successful in convincing everyone in good health that he or she is a patient who does not know. The result was immediate. The whole village is found in bed; the hotel is transformed into a clinic and even Dr. Parpalaid, who temporarily returns to his village, is worried about his health following the "diagnosis" of Dr. Knock, and also ends up in bed.



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