Masato Tani

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Masato Tani
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Musician, professor

Masato Tani is a Japanese Professor with an expertise in Persian traditional music. Dr. Tani is fluent in the Persian language and is a professional Santur player. He lived in Iran for four years and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music at Tehran's Art University in 1998.

Dr. Tani is currently a full-time Lecturer in Kobe Gakuin University in Japan.[1] He has written a book titled Music of Iran: Vocal Culture and Improvisation, published in Japan,[2] which has recently been translated and will soon be published in English.

Book info[edit]

Music of Iran: Vocal Culture and Improvisation. Tōkyō: Seidosha, 2007. 254, 14 p. ISBN 978-4-7917-6354-2 [3][4]

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