Dr. Michael M. Krop High School

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Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School
Front of Krop High School.jpg
MKHS' main entrance.
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School is located in Florida
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School is located in the US
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School
Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School
1410 County Line Road


United States
CoordinatesCoordinates: 25°58′17″N 80°10′25″W / 25.97150°N 80.17350°W / 25.97150; -80.17350
TypePublic magnet
Motto"If you're not lightning, you're not striking. And when lightning strikes, magic happens."
School districtMiami-Dade County Public Schools
PrincipalAllison Harley
Enrollment2,720 (2015-16)[1]
Campus size315,000 square feet (29,300 m2) 39.44 acres (159,600 m2)
Campus typeSuburban
Color(s)Black, Silver, Purple,and White                    
MascotLightning Dr. Michael M. Krop High School (emblem).png
NicknameKrop Lightning
NewspaperThe Lightning Strike

Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School is a secondary school located at 1410 County Line Road in the Ives Estates, an unincorporated area of north Miami-Dade County (Miami address), Florida, US. However, it serves the city of Aventura, northern fringes of North Miami Beach, and the unincorporated areas around the school such as Ives Estates and Ojus. The school is located on the Miami-Dade side of the Miami-Dade-Broward County line, and is the northernmost high school in the district. Dr. Allison Harley currently serves as Krop's principal.

Krop is considered to be a magnet school because it has a "Students Training in the Arts Repertory (STAR)" program. This magnet program is a visual and performing arts program that is open to students in the greater Miami area. Due to the recession of 2008 and ongoing financial issues, the STAR program has had severe cuts in its funding.

The school gained national attention after one of its students, Trayvon Martin, was killed in a controversial shooting.

The school's athletic rival is Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus.


Built on a former landfill, construction for Dr. Michael M. Krop High School began in 1996 after the Miami-Dade School Board approved plans to build a new high school in North Miami-Dade County to lessen overcrowding in local secondary schools, including North Miami Beach High School.[citation needed] Various secondary schools in northeast Dade were relieved by Krop.[2] When it first opened it had about 1,500 students.[3] Opening its doors in 1998, Krop began with 9th and 10th grades and eventually added 11th and 12th grades; its first graduating class was the class of 2001. At the time of its opening, Krop had a total enrollment of 1,475 students.

In early 1998, before its opening, the naming of the school triggered some controversy, as letters from members of the community indicated a preference for a more generic name. The school is named after Dr. Michael M. Krop,[4] an orthodontist born in 1930 who was first elected to the Miami-Dade School Board in 1980. He retired from the board in 2004, after 24 years of service.[citation needed] Former board members Janet McAliley and Betsy Kaplan stated that they would not support renaming the school after him.[4] On February 17, 1998,[citation needed] the city council of Aventura issued a resolution urging the Miami-Dade County school board to name the new high school in northeast Miami-Dade County "Dr. Michael M. Krop High School." The Aventura Marketing Council, which included Krop as a member, and the city of North Miami Beach, also passed resolutions favoring the name change.[4]

When Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High Biscayne Bay Campus opened in 2009, it relieved Krop High. Golden Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, and portions of North Miami Beach were rezoned to Mourning from Krop.

In 2012, even though Krop had a strong academic reputation, some parents in the Aventura area promoted the idea of the city starting a charter high school. The city council refused to go forward with the idea.[5]


The school, in Ives Estates,[6][7] is in proximity to the Miami-Dade County-Broward County line. Audra D.S. Burch and Carol Isensee of the Miami Herald described the campus as "sprawling".[8]

In 1998 the north side of the campus had barbed wire. At the time of opening the area roads were dead-ends.[2]

STAR Academy[edit]

The STAR Academy is a performing and visual arts program that engenders Krop as a magnet school. Students in the "Students Training in the Arts Repertory (STAR)" program are involved in one or more of its six strands - dance, drama, vocal and instrumental music, visual arts, and television production. Students are accepted into the program through an audition process. Two of the six classes out of a student's yearly class schedule are dedicated to the arts each year. Tri-M (Modern Music Masters), the music honor society at Krop, is administered by the head of the vocal music strand of the STAR program, Dr. Gary Keating.

The Lightning Strike[edit]

The Lightning Strike[9] is Krop's monthly student newspaper.

The newspaper was begun in 1998, when the school opened. It is designed using the page layout software Adobe InDesign and photo editing program Adobe Photoshop.

As of the 2005-2006 school year, the paper was converted to color on the front, middle and back, and is 20 pages each issue.

The newspaper is a member of the High School National Ad Network, Florida Scholastic Press Association, National Scholastic Press Association, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, and Quill and Scroll Honor Society.

From the inaugural issue of The Lightning Strike in 1998 until 2018, the journalism department was run by English teacher Mary K. Sullivan.



Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School has a gymnasium which is used for basketball, volleyball and badminton. The football and baseball fields are located on campus, although the varsity football team plays at FIU Campus. The athletic director is Coach Kypriss[when?]. MKHS offers these athletics:

The American football team plays its home games at North Miami Stadium. It was established in 1998 with 65 students in the 9th and 10th grades.[3]


State Championships[12][edit]

  • Tennis (girls) - 2007, 2008, 2010
  • Tennis (boys) - 2004, 2006, 2007

Miami Herald's Silver Knight Winners[13][edit]

Name Category Year
Aisha Ayoub Vocational Technical 2002
Ran Huo Mathematics 2002
Erin Courtney Hantman Social Science 2002
Chloe Good Athletics 2002
Farryn Weiner Drama 2003
Adam Sugarman Music 2004
Denise Pojomovsky Foreign Language 2004
Erica Davis Science 2004
Joanna Sattin Business 2005
Jamilah Abdul-Sabur Art 2005
Parijata Mackey Science 2005
Shannon Knee General Scholarship 2005
Jacqueline Flores Foreign Language 2005
Zachary Mason Science 2006
Charlotette Jarrett Art 2006
Dave Fils-Aime Foreign Language 2006
Weina Scott English and Literature 2007
Bryan Landman Mathematics 2007
Chen Lossos General Scholarship 2008
Jeremy Fein Science 2008
Sara Egozi Speech 2008
Maria Davila Drama 2008
Andre Shomorony Mathematics 2009
Molli Jackson English and Literature 2009
Luis Larco New Media 2009
Ethan Addicott General Scholarship 2010
Cory Max Yeffet Vocational Technical 2010
Lauren Henschel Social Science 2011
Alexandra Garfinkel English and Literature 2011
Aston Steele Music 2012
Prateek Sachdeva New Media 2012
Jonathan Ludmir General Scholarship 2012
Ryan Breslow Business 2012
Stephen Wittels General Scholarship 2013
Gabi Hasson English and Literature 2013
Ross Piper General Scholarship 2014
Brett Curtis Art 2014
Clarissa Buch Journalism 2014
Susan Bean Social Science 2014

Notable alumni[edit]

Notable events[edit]

  • In 2012, Trayvon Martin, a junior at Krop, was killed in an encounter that gained widespread national attention.[15]


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