Dr. Minx

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Dr. Minx
Dr. Minx (1975 film).jpg
Directed byHikmet Avedis
StarringEdy Williams
Randy Boone
Harvey Jason
Marlene Schmidt
William Smith
Music byShorty Rogers
Distributed byDimension Pictures
Release date

Dr. Minx is a 1975 sexploitation film, directed by Hikmet Avedis and starring Edy Williams and Randy Boone.[1]


Dr. Carol Evans (Edy Williams), a physician who recently conspired with her lover Gus (William Smith) to kill her rich husband for his inheritance, finds herself being blackmailed by him for a share of the money. Carol seduces Brian (Randy Boone), a young motorcycle-accident patient of hers, in the hope that he’ll help her kill Gus. When Gus is killed in a struggle, Carol coerces him into hiding the body, but finds herself being investigated by Brian's friend David (Harvey Jason), an amateur sleuth, who has always believed her to be a murderer.


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