Dr. Sin

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Dr. Sin
Origin São Paulo, Brazil
Genres Heavy metal, hard rock, progressive metal
Years active 1991–2016
Labels WEA
Century Media
Pony Canyon(Japan)
Website www.drsinonline.com.br
Members Andria Busic
Ivan Busic
Edu Ardanuy
Past members Michael Vescera

Dr. Sin was a rock band, formed in São Paulo, Brazil in 1991 by Eduardo Ardanuy and brothers Andria and Ivan Busic.


In the mid 1980s, brothers Ivan and Andria Busic played in several metal and hard rock bands together. The first band to be known was a band called "Platina". While the Busics were playing around the country, guitarist Eduardo Ardanuy was playing in other metal bands, where his type of playing guitar was calling attention.

In the end of the 1980s, Ivan and Andria started to play in band called "Taffo", with a guitarist called Wander Taffo, who was previously a member of "Tutti Frutti". With the band Taffo, they released one album called "Rosa Branca" in 1990. Wander Taffo was the guitar teacher of Eduardo Ardanuy, and with the fall of the Taffo band (for unknown reasons, the brothers left the band and Wander Taffo was to release one another album with Taffo name), Ivan and Andria plus Eduardo Ardanuy started a new band and named it "Dr. Sin".

Between 1991 and 1992, they recorded a demo tape to send to record companies. Finally in 1992, they went to the United States to seek a music career. After many shows, they signed with WEA.

In 1993, they played at the Hollywood Rock Festival, where they shared the stage with Nirvana and L7. They played with Ian Gillan, too. In this same year, the Warner Music International released the first album (Dr. Sin) in 9 countries, produced by Stephan Galfas.
The music Emotional Catastrophe was on the soundtrack of the Brazilian TV Series Confissões de Adolescente. You Stole My Heart and Scream & Shout were two clips produced after this.

In 1994, the band played in Monsters of Rock Brazil, with Black Sabbath, Slayer, Kiss and with Brazilians of Angra, Viper and Raimundos. In 1995 the band had a special report at the American MTV with many videos about the record of the first album, clips and shows. Followed by Brutal (1995) which was released in Japan under the title of "Silent Scream". Is recorded also the clip of song Down in the Trenches. They opened for such bands as Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai.
Henceforth DR SIN achieves success and a great number of fans.

In 1997, Dr. Sin back to the United States to record the album (Insinity) in Michael Vescera's studio. Vescera produced the album and did participation in song No Rules. Jonathan Mover (ex-Joe Satriani, Alice Cooper, Saigon Kick and Einstein) did participation in song Insomnia.

In festival Skol Rock, they played with Bruce Dickinson, Scorpions and Dio. They were also opening for Yngwie Malmsteen. The Swedish guitarist loved the opening show, and he decides to launch an album of his presentation, called Live in Brazil, that were includes in Japanese version one EP with four musics of Dr. Sin live.
In Brazil, they launched their first live album, called Alive, with many classics.

Mike Vescera[edit]

In 2000 Dr Sin released Dr Sin II. The band added Michael Vescera (ex-Obsession, MVP, Loudness and Yngwie Malmsteen) on lead vocals. Other contributors were Sérgio Buss (Steve Vai, Tritone) and Roland Grapow (ex-Helloween).
The song Time After Time, was the official theme song of Fórmula Truck in Brazil. Because of personal issues concerning his family, Mike Vescera could not continue the tour with the band, so he left Dr. Sin. He intends to return to the band at a later date.

Listen to the Doctors[edit]

Ten Years Live(Cd / DVD), recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, was launched in the end of 2003, now with new label (Paradoxx Music). Andre Matos (ex-Angra and Shaman) was a guest on the concert singing one of DR SIN's biggest hits: "Fire". In 2005, they launched Listen to the Doctors. On this album, they covered hits from famous bands Kiss, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, UFO, Mötley Crüe and Van Halen. All of the songs have the word "Doctor" in their titles.


After two years promoting the cover album Listen to the Doctors, came Bravo (Century Media Records), the first studio album featuring only their own songs in seven years. They made one show with Steppenwolf in Brasília.
In 2008 Andria joined in one of the most important bands of rock in Brazil, Casa das Máquinas. They intend to release a new CD.
In the same year, the Brazilian band Shining Star covered the song Karma, released in Brutal (1995).
The band joined in one project developed by Marcelo Froes (Brazilian producer) that was a tribute to the White Album by The Beatles alongside other famous Brazilian artists, like Andreas Kisser, Twiggy, Sylvinha Araújo, Zé Ramalho, Cachorro Grande, Pato Fu, and many others. They recorded the song Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey. The songs Fire (Brutal, 1995) and Full Trotlle (Bravo, 2007) joined the soundtrack of the soap-opera Flames of Life.
In 2009 the band opened for Kiss in São Paulo, and released Original Sin, that's a remake of the first album.

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