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Dr. Sin
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Background information
OriginSão Paulo, Brazil
GenresHeavy metal, hard rock, progressive metal
Years active1991–2016
Century Media
Pony Canyon(Japan)
MembersAndria Busic
Ivan Busic
Thiago Melo
Past membersMichael Vescera
Edu Ardanuy

Dr. Sin was a rock band, formed in São Paulo, Brazil in 1991 by Eduardo Ardanuy and brothers Andria and Ivan Busic.


The band's history begins with brothers Andria and Ivan Busic forming their first bands, Platina (1984) and Cherokee (1988), respectively. At that time, guitarist Edu Ardanuy was already jamming with Busics eventually in São Paulo bars.

In 1989, they performed as a backing band in recording the solo album of the recently outgoing guitarist of the band Rádio Táxi, Wander Taffo. Two years later, the band Taffo is formed, now no longer as a solo by Wander Taffo, but as a band. They record the beautiful CD Rosa Branca. As a guest, Andria goes on tour with the band Ultraje a Rigor.

The Busic Brothers definitely invite Eduardo Ardanuy, who had previously played in bands such as Anjos da Noite and Chave do Sol. They become the backing band of vocalist Supla (ex-Tokyo). After a few shows, the trio decided it was time to invest in their own career. Already by the name of Dr. Sin, they travel to the United States to distribute and publicize their work, scheduling even some presentations. The band's first concert was on January 11, 1992 at the Black Jack in Sao Paulo. In February and March they do 3 shows in New York in the USA, in May open for Ian Gillan (Deep Purple) in Sao Paulo.

In 1992, they signed a contract with the multinational Warner Music, which bet on the group, even without any material. In early 1993, the Hollywood Rock festival attracts thousands of fans of good old rock. Dr. Sin plays the same night as bands like Nirvana and L7. Also opened act for Pantera and at this same year, Warner releases the album Dr. Sin in 9 countries, having great repercussion. “Emotional Catastrophe” was a big hit on the music parades, presenting clips on MTV, and eventually became part of the soundtrack for TV Cultura's Brazilian TV series Confessions of Adolescents. “You Stole My Heart” and “Scream & Shout”, were the next videoclips released. The debut album is released on October 23, 1993.

In 1994, they participated in numerous festivals, such as the M2000 Summer Concerts, which was a Festival held in the cities of Porto Alegre, Florianópolis and Santos, where they shared stage with bands like Mr. Big, The Lemonheads and Rollins Band. The festival Monsters of Rock (also participated in the 2013 edition), along with Slayer, Black Sabbath and Kiss. In July the band is headliner at Olympia Theatre in Sao Paulo. In 1995, the American MTV presented an 11 minutes interview with the band, with narration of the band's history and footage from their first album, clips, and shows in the US and Brazil.

Brutal arrives the same year, released in Japan under the title of Silent Scream. The production this time was in charge of the band itself. In this album, it is possible to feel a great evolution in the band's sound, heavier and cohesive than the previous work. The album includes keyboardist Marcelo Souss (who had played with Busics at the time of the band Taffo) who also performed during the album's tour. A clip from “Down in The Trenches” is also recorded.

In 1996, their success got them into a new opening marathon, opening act for Bon Jovi, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and AC/DC. Andria and Ivan Busic participated in a fundraising campaign for the CACCC, which helps children with cancer. The video was recorded similar to Michael Jackson's 1980s campaign called USA for Africa. Other artists, such as Fábio Jr., Elba Ramalho, Sérgio Reis, Jair Rodrigues, Jair Oliveira, Luciana Mello and others, participated in the video. In July the band participates in the program of Jô Soares.

In 1997's Insinity album, the trio returns to the United States to record at Michael Vescera Studios (former Yngwie Malmsteen) for the recording of the new album. Vescera co-produces the album, and participates in the track “No Rules”. Jonathan Mover (former drummer of Joe Satriani, Alice Cooper, Saigon Kick, Einstein) made a participation in the song “Insomnia”. Brazilian sports commentator Silvio Luiz collaborates with an irreverent participation in the song “Futebol, Mulher e Rock and Roll”, using the “football” jargon that made him popular. This song, together with “Emotional Catastrophe” becomes one of the greatest hits of the band. Once again the keyboards were recorded by Marcelo Souss.

At the Skol Rock festival, where also played stars like Bruce Dickinson, Scorpions and Dio, the band makes a prodigious performance. In 1997, during the tour of the album Insinity, the keyboardist and friend of the band, Joey Gross Brown, plays in some shows, the partnership worked so well that shortly after he was already playing as a fixed guest musician, he stayed in the band from 97 until 2002. In April 98, the band plays in Curitiba, opening act for Quiet Riot.

In May 98, the band opens act 3 shows for Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, and that same year, they release an album of their performance called Live in Brazil. Malmsteen enjoyed the opening of the show so much that it included in its Japanese version an EP containing four tracks from Dr. Sin Live.

In 2000, Vescera becomes a definitive member of the band and starts to share vocals with Andria. In quartet, they record the fourth self-titled album, Dr. Sin II. In a previously unheard of attitude in Brazil, the band releases this album in a magazine with the history of the band. This version could only be purchased at newsstands. The album was received by fans and critics in general, with fuss and admiration, as Vescera and his timbre fit the group's compositions perfectly. Also featuring Brazilian guitarist Sérgio Buss (Steve Vai, Tritone), Jason Himmelberger and Joey Gross Brown on keyboards and Roland Grapow (formerly Helloween). The song “Time After Time” was still the soundtrack of Fórmula Truck racing in Brazil, which was broadcast at the time on RedeTV!

In mid-2001, vocalist Mike Vescera decides to leave the band because of the distance, he lived in the USA and it was difficult to come to Brazil constantly, at the end of 2002 another change, keyboardist Joey Gross Brown leaves and gives way to Rodrigo Simão which is officialized as a fixed guest keyboard player.

10 Years Live, released in late 2003, now on the Paradoxx Music label, are back again in a trio format. Recorded in May 2002 at SESC Ipiranga in São Paulo, it features the special participation of André Matos (former Shaaman, former Angra) in the song “Fire”. Marco Sergio on charango, Marco Cesar on percussion and keyboardists Joey Gross Brown and Marcelo Souss.

In 2005, the album Listen to the Doctors was released, with cover recordings of classic rock songs. All the tracks have the word "Dr." in their title, like the cover of Kiss “Calling Dr. Love” and “Dr. Feelgood” of Mötley Crüe.

After nearly two years promoting the cover CD Listen to the Doctors, Dr.Sin releases his new work, Bravo (2007). The album was first place on CD sales and remains one of the best sellers. This album has the track “Think it Over” which is the soundtrack of the soap opera Amor e Intrigas, and has a guest appearance by Hudson Cadorini of the duo Edson & Hudson, playing the guitar solo.

In 2008, Andria Busic joins as official member of the new formation of the anthological national rock n 'roll band Casa das Máquinas, and they play at the Psicodália festival and at the Virada Cultural festival.

It is this year that the band Shining Star records a version of Dr. Sin's song "Karma", thus becoming the first official record of one version by another band. Soon after, singer Twiggy included her version of the song “You Stole my Heart” from Dr. Sin's first album on her first CD, which featured versions of several other national and international artists such as Rita Lee, Cazuza, Carlos Carlos, LS Jack , George Harrison, Leoni and some own compositions in partnership with Andria Busic, Ivan Busic, Edu Ardanuy, Liah and Rodrigo Leal.

That same year, the band was invited to be part of an official tribute to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Beatles White Album. This is the second time Dr. Sin has recorded a Beatles cover.

Chamas da Vida, a new Rede Record soap opera, featured the soundtrack of the song "Fire" and "Full Throttle" from the albums Brutal and Bravo, respectively. This is the third time that Dr. Sin is a soap opera soundtrack, and a second at Record TV.

In 2009, on April 7, Dr. Sin opened act for the American band Kiss at Anhembi Arena to an audience of over 40,000 people. The band played several of their classics, as well as songs from cd Bravo. Recently the band performed alongside the São Paulo State Symphonic Band at Sala São Paulo, and they made several versions of Rock classics drawing great public and media attention, which made them the subject of various television programs. The Symphonic Rock project remains a success and with marked performances.

In 2010, the Busic brothers inaugurate their own recording studio, Sonata 84, which is in the capital of São Paulo. They make major productions and start recording the new album of Dr. Sin.

In 2011 the band announces the release of their new album, Animal. On July 21, a new song called "May the Force Be with You" is available for download on their website, named after the classic film Star Wars. Downloading was allowed after registration on the site. In the same month, the band participates in the soundtrack of the Brazilian film Assault to the Central Bank of Marcos Paulo.

In 2013, Dr. Sin enters the studio to record his next album Intactus. In July of the same year, the band released their full discography on iTunes. In September 2013, Dr. Sin performed at Rock in Rio and in October at Monsters of Rock, followed by a 3-week US tour. In March 2014, they participated as the main band of the Motorcycle Rock Cruise ship. In 2015, Dr. Sin begins touring the new album Intactus entirely recorded and produced by Andria Busic at Studio 154, released by Unimar Music and distributed by Voice Music

Dr. Sin's Help[edit]

In 2007, Dr. Sin started a solidarity campaign called Dr. Sin's Help. The event works as follows, a raffle is sold for $5.00, competing for an Eduardo Ardanuy Signature E2 guitar, kindly donated by Tagima Brasil, autographed by all members of the band. The first institution to be helped was CAMACC, a non-profit, non-governmental organization that is constantly struggling to maintain the daily routine of caring for children with cancer in the eyeball.

In 2012, once again at the Manifesto Bar in São Paulo, Dr. Sin holds the Dr. Sin's Help II. The beneficiary entity then, was the Casa do Caminho de Araxá (MG). This time the event was attended by musicians Edu Falaschi (Almah), Danniel Costa, Nando Fernandes, Ricardo Confessori (Angra), Demian Tiguez, Felipe Andreoli (Angra), Ricardo Cassal, Rafael Bittencourt (Angra), Vivi Keller, Lucas Lima Taffo, Helcio Aguirra (Golpe de Estado), Marco Bavini, Michel Leme and Carlini singing and playing Dr. Sin songs.

End announcement and farewell tour[edit]

In August 2015, the band announced on their Facebook page that they would end their activities, thanking all the fans for their support during their 23 years of work. The farewell tour started on October 2, 2015, and ended on March 20, 2016.

In March 2016, Dr. Sin had closed his activities; Andria and Ivan formed a new project, the band Busic. However, in October 2018, brothers Andria and Ivan Busic resume the activities of Dr. Sin, now with guest guitarist Thiago Melo, who participated and previously won the selection with more than 200 guitarists for the band Busic, side project of the band. brothers. The single "Lost in Space", which is part of the new album Back Home Again, was released on all digital platforms on October 19, 2018. In August 2019, Dr. Sin signs with Italian label Valéry Records, which will distribute the new album Back Home Again in Europe, America and Asia through Audioglobe. In November 2019, the release and distribution of the new album Back Home Again will be made by the label of the specialized brazilian magazine Roadie Crew.

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