Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop

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Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop
Created byTony Barnes
StarringKerry Shale
Christian Rodska
Nicolette McKenzie
Country of originFrance
United Kingdom
Original languagesFrench
No. of series4
No. of episodes65 (13 unaired)
ProducerPhilippe Mounier
Running time25 min
Production companiesPMMP
Fairwater Films
Shanghai Morning Sun Animation Company Limited
Original release20 June 1994 (1994-06-20) –
21 August 1997 (1997-08-21)

Dr. Zitbag's Transylvania Pet Shop (known as Dr. Globule in France) is a 1994-1997 animated television series created by Tony Barnes and produced by Philippe Mounier PMMP and Fairwater Films and distributed in the UK by The Sleepy Kids Company Ltd (who also produced Potsworth & Co. and Budgie the Little Helicopter) which was later changed to SKD Media and Entertainment Rights and then dissolved into Classic Media (now DreamWorks Classics) and by PMMP and TF1 Intl in the rest of the world. 65 episodes were produced.[1]

The show originally aired on TF1 and it was later dubbed for English audiences as well; even the show's title got a name change. It aired in the United Kingdom on ITV; starting 13 June 1994 and finishing 21 August 1997, the show ran for four series. Music for the series was composed by Danny Chang and Tony Barnes.

A comic strip version of the show was included in Buster magazine from September 1994 to November 1996.[1] The series was later repeated on Nickelodeon in the early 2000s until 2004, and had sporadic reruns on ordinary TV from 1999 until 2001 (it was put on hiatus in 2002).

It was also aired on cable television in Australia first airing on Nickelodeon and later on Cartoon Network.

Plot summary[edit]

Dr. Zitbag was a Pet Shop worker who wasn't very good at selling any pets at all and because of this he was fired from the local Transylvanian Pet Shop. So he decides to set up his own Pet Shop at an old Haunted Castle and finds out that he will have to share the place with a skeleton dog, Horrifido. With Horrifido now helping him out, the doctor begins use with his inventions to create Horrific Pets to gain his profit.


  • Dr. Sidney Zitbag (voiced by Christian Rodska)[2] - The main character of the show, he is a mad scientist type of character who wants to become the world's best pet shop owner. After being fired from the only town pet shop he goes on to buy an old castle from the Exorsisters and sets up his own pet shop creating new and weird pets in his laboratory, but his plans don't always work and certain mishaps do tend to happen.
  • Horrifido (voiced by Kerry Shale)[3] - Horrifido, or Fido as he was known in life, was the pet dog of the former owner of the old castle (Capt. Charles de Ghoul) where Dr. Zitbag sets up his pet shop. Initially haunting the castle as a ghost, the doctor inadvertently uncovers the dog's old bones and the ghoul reanimates them, giving him a physical form. Horrifido is thus a skeleton dog with green bat winged like ears, who becomes Dr. Zitbag's assistant. Sometimes Horrifido is seen wearing a pink bow collar around his neck.
  • The Exorsisters (voiced by Nicolette McKenzie) - The Exorsisters are Dr. Zitbag's neighbours. Both ladies are twins resembling the bride of Frankenstein. Every so often, Dr. Zitbag always tries to impress them both, but the two often argue with each other. Sinista, the sister with purple streaks in her hair, often dismisses Dr. Zitbag, whereas Bimbella, the sister with white streaks in her hair, is more willing to give him a chance.
  • Zombunny - Zombunny appears to be a zombified rabbit who never seems to move. Most of the time, he is seen with Dr. Zitbag and Horrifido, as Dr. Zitbag would use Zombunny as part of his experiments. Zitbag would often throw him aside while saying a cursory "Excuse me, Zombunny".
  • Officer Deadbeat (voiced by Kerry Shale) - Officer Deadbeat is the local police officer of Transylvania and Zitbag's antagonist. He appears to have no neck and so his head is floating at where his would be neck should be. He has a personal grudge against Dr. Zitbag, believing that the doctor is a con-artist. If he ever arrests the doctor for good, his ultimate goal is to claim the old Haunted House as a new police station, as the one he has got is very small and he often bumps his head off.
  • Professor Sherman Vermin (voiced by Kerry Shale)[3] - Zitbag's rival. Sinistra and Bimbella sometimes call him to help them, eventually making Dr. Zitbag jealous.

List of episodes[edit]

Twelve of a total of 65 episodes were released on video.

Series One (Mondays)[edit]

  1. Welcome To The Transylvania Pet Shop - first aired: 20/06/1994[4] (the pilot episode of the show)
  2. Grime Does Not Pay - first aired: 27/06/1994[5]

There was no episode broadcast on 04/07/1994 due to a showing of Dragonslayer as a result of schedule changes regarding the 1994 FIFA World Cup.[6]

  1. Horrybaby - first aired: 11/07/1994[7]
  2. Food Glorious Pet Food - first aired: 18/07/1994[8]
  3. Ants In Your Pants - first aired: 25/07/1994[9]
  4. Every Dog Has Its Show - first aired: 01/08/1994[10]
  5. Gorilla Thriller - first aired: 08/08/1994[11]
  6. Where Mouse - first aired: 15/08/1994[12]
  7. Pirate Parrots - first aired: 22/08/1994[13]

There was no episode shown on 29/08/1994 due to it being public holiday.

  1. Bungle in the Jungle - first aired: 05/09/1994[14]
  2. Halloween Horse Race - first aired: 12/09/1994[15]
  3. Double Trouble - first aired: 19/09/1994[16]
  4. Triassic Lark - first aired: 26/09/1994[17] - The children were demanding dinosaurs for pets, which caused Dr. Zitbag and Horrifido to construct a time machine in order to travel to prehistoric times so to capture some baby dinosaurs. After minor setbacks such as travelling to before creation and the future, they have arrived, unbeknownst that Officer Deadbeat had snuck on board and had his hijinks with a cavewoman. This is the first episode (also applies to every episode beyond) that was only broadcast and never commercially released.

Series Two (Fridays)[edit]

  1. Inspectre Spector - first aired: 09/06/1995[18]
  2. Pyramid Pandemonium - first aired: 16/06/1995[19]
  3. Computer Bugged - first aired: 23/06/1995[20]
  4. Kangaroo Caught - first aired: 30/06/1995[21]
  5. Orang-Utans and Lemmings - first aired: 07/07/1995[22]
  6. Medieval Dread - first aired: 14/07/1995[23]
  7. Easter Funny - first aired: 21/07/1995[24]
  8. Happy Horridays - first aired: 28/07/1995[25]
  9. Transylvania Excess - first aired: 04/08/1995[26]
  10. Do You Believe in Humans? - first aired: 11/08/1995 [27]
  11. Loch Mess Monster - first aired: 18/08/1995[28]
  12. Hooray for Horrywood - first aired: 25/08/1995[29]
  13. The Show Mustn't Go On - first aired: 01/09/1995[30]

Series Three (Tuesdays)[edit]

  1. Don't Hoot, I'm Only the Piano Slayer - first aired: 11/06/1996[31]
  2. Pinball Wizard - first aired: 18/06/1996[32]
  3. From Transylvania with Love - first aired: 25/06/1996[33]
  4. Tele Nightmare - first aired: 02/07/1996[34]
  5. A Close Shave - first aired: 09/07/1996[35]
  6. Lost Wages - first aired: 16/07/1996[36]
  7. Son of Zitbag - first aired: 23/07/1996[37]
  8. Cranksgiving Chaos - first aired: 30/07/1996[38]
  9. Bride of Horrifido - first aired: 06/08/1996[39]
  10. Horrorgrammes Horrolympics - first aired: 13/08/1996[40]
  11. Slime Suspect - first aired: 20/08/1996[41]
  12. Moby Duck Billed Platypus - first aired: 27/08/1996[42]
  13. I Was a Teenage Zitbag - first aired: 03/09/1996[43]

Series Four (Thursdays)[edit]

  1. A True Fairy Tale - first aired: 29/05/1997[44]
  2. For Better or For Curse - first aired: 05/06/1997[45]
  3. Horrorlection Fever - first aired: 12/06/1997[46]
  4. Time is Big Money - first aired: 19/06/1997[47]
  5. Happy Mishmash - first aired: 26/06/1997[48]
  6. Tele-Zitportation - first aired: 03/07/1997[49]
  7. A Giant Problem - first aired: 10/07/1997[50]
  8. My Zister - first aired: 17/07/1997[51]
  9. The Seventh Art - first aired: 24/07/1997[52]
  10. Nothing There - first aired: 31/07/1997[53]
  11. Doc, What's Up - first aired: 07/08/1997[54]
  12. Terror in Transylvania - first aired: 14/08/1997[55]
  13. Dances the Hula - first aired: 21/08/1997[56]

Unaired episodes[edit]

The following episodes never aired on CITV.

  1. End of Season
  2. Rose Button
  3. Scare Tactics
  4. Hydrious Monster
  5. Zlotys Galore
  6. Bluebald
  7. Dr. Zitbag Against Silly Holmes
  8. Mad Scientific Shenanigans
  9. The Ridiculous Journey
  10. Horrible Horrorscopes
  11. Anarchic Arctic Antics
  12. Word of Horror
  13. Forever Fiends

Transylvania Pet Shop is currently one of the most requested unreleased DVDs at TVShowsOnDVD.com.[citation needed]

Season 1 is currently available for download (In English) from Amazon UK. [57]

In other languages[edit]

  • Italian: Pazze risate per mostri e vampiri


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