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Industry Comics
Founded 2004-2009
Headquarters United States, Fremont, California
Website DrMasterBooks.com

DrMaster Publications Inc. was an American distributor of manga and manhua with offices in the United States, Republic of China and Japan. It was headquartered in Fremont, California.[1]

Originally strictly a printer of manga, DrMaster entered the publishing business after taking over most of ComicsOne's manga and manhua titles.

DrMaster's Publications Inc has been out of business for at least at 6 years and its office in Fremont, California is gone and the building is now occupied by Sunesys Telecommunications.[2] Though, DrMaster's website is still up it is believed that someone is maintaining the site and has removed some information including, but not limited to, information about the company itself.[3]

However, no one has come forward with any new information on what happened to the company but without any doubt, DrMaster Publications has been out of business since 2009.


Cover for the Dr Master release of Cosplay Koromo-chan




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