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Simon Bond
Doctors character
Portrayed by David Sturzaker
Duration 2009-11
First appearance 13 May 2009
Last appearance 6 April 2011
Introduced by Peter Lloyd
Classification Former; regular
Occupation General practitioner
Home Letherbridge

Dr. Simon Bond is a fictional character in the BBC soap opera Doctors, portrayed by David Sturzaker. He first appeared on 13 May 2009. His final episode was aired on 6 April 2011.


On 4 June 2009, a new GP came to the Mill, Dr. Zara Carmichael. As soon as she set eyes on him, she knew he was gay, upsetting Cherry Malone who fancied Simon, unaware of his homosexuality. Simon obviously had traits that she admired and they became very close friends and were, at one point, roommates. However, their friendship was tested when Simon had an affair with married paramedic, Will Duncan. Simon and Will developed a relationship although Will didn't tell Simon that he had a wife and family. The relationship ended when Will's wife discovered them together.

Simon was subjected to homophobic abuse from former colleague, Charlie Bradfield once the latter discovered his sexuality and learned of the affair with Will Duncan. Shortly before Bradfield's dismissal from the Mill for sexual misconduct with Julie Parsons, Bond plucked up the courage to confront Charlie about his homophobic campaign. Dr Daniel Granger attempted to mediate the dispute without success. However, the problem was resolved with Bradfield's departure. Simon's parents and most of his colleagues are accepting of his sexuality. His mother in particular is keen for him to settle down with a nice man.

In late January 2010, Simon had dealings with a patient called Sia Clemments who was a University Lecturer, from Letherbridge University. She came to Simon with concerns about a student, called Lewis Cutler. She told Simon she thinks he might need counselling because of his writing. As the week progressed Sia told Simon about one of her pupils, Ellie McCal was threatened by Lewis with a knife. Simon gave advice to Sia. The police did not believe Sia as she had history and Lewis covered up very well. Eventually Sia, Jack Hollins, son of Receptionist Karen Hollins, Karen was there by accident, Ellie McCall and Ned, Lewis' younger half-brother. Lewis shot Sia and Simon came in to help Karen stop the bleeding from Sia's wound. After a struggle with policeman, Rob, husband of Karen. The gun was handed over to Karen and Lewis was shot. Simon assisted Sia to Hospital.

In December 2010, Simon took an overdose in the wake of his mishandling of a case involving a two-year-old girl who was abused and subsequently drowned by her mother. He became depressed and contemplated suicide in the wake of the incident. In the episode of 17 December 2010, Bond took an overdose while at home during the leaving party of receptionist Ruth Pearce. Dr Zara Carmichael and Dr Daniel Granger were shown pumping Simon's stomach with an improvised mouth-operated technique using a section of hose. Simon was last seen unconscious with no pulse until his survival was revealed on 4 January 2011. In the episode of 18 March 2011, Simon was stabbed in the stomach during a house visit when he was attacked by a woman's violent partner during a house visit. He survived and went on to fully qualify as a GP. Simon left Doctors at the end of Series 12.


Sturzaker departed Doctors to take up Shakespearian acting on tour. Introducer Peter Lloyd, spoke of his disappointment that Sturzaker decided to leave the series because of the work taken to develop the character. He added that Sturzaker was an example of great casting.[1]


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