Dračevo, Skopje

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Dračevo (Macedonian: Драчево) is a suburb of Skopje and one of the first major settlements in that region. The population is near to 45.000 people, and it has fully developed socio-economical life. It is located 10 km south-east from the center of the city of Skopje.


The name origins from another ancient village name called Dračevica, mainly because its population settled from there. The ancient village was located 15 km (9 mi) south-east from the center of Skopje. The belief is that in 1200 there was a Slavic settlement, whose origin is from the ancient Rome. There were recently found Roman artifacts and mosaics in the archaeological location called Crkviste. They are still there in the back yard of the church. The settlement in the Roman period is believed to be ruled by a Roman representative called Tribu.[citation needed]


National costume of Dracevo, Skopje, 1930's

Dračevo is populated with 99% ethnic Macedonians, Orthodox Christians, and it is one of the first pillars of theological education in Macedonia. There is a theological school, 3 primary schools and 2 secondary schools.


The economy life is mildly developed, with a great perspective on further development. This is mainly because of the closeness to the city of Skopje, railroad station, close to the highway and supply of water.


There are two football clubs "FK Dračevo" and "SSK" and the basketball clubs KK Angeli & KK Dracevo.

The team handball club RK Dračevo plays in the Macedonian Handball Super League for the 2011-12 season.

Coordinates: 41°56′N 21°31′E / 41.933°N 21.517°E / 41.933; 21.517