Drachenbau Josef Guggenmos

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Drachenbau Josef Guggenmos
Private company
Industry Aerospace
Fate Owner died on 25 December 2010
Key people
Founder and CEO: Josef Guggenmos
Products Hang gliders
Website www.drachenbau-guggenmos.de

Drachenbau Josef Guggenmos (English: Josef Guggenmos Kites) was a German aircraft manufacturer, specializing in designing and building competition flex-wing and rigid wing hang gliders. The company was based in Kaufbeuren.[1]

The company founder, Josef Guggenmos, was a World Champion hang glider pilot. Guggenmos died on 25 December 2010 and, as a result, the company was wound-up.[1][2]


Summary of aircraft built by
Model name First flight Number built Type
Guggenmos Bullet hang glider
Guggenmos ESC hang glider
Guggenmos Rebull hang glider


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