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Developer(s) Yuzu Soft
Publisher(s) Yuzu Soft
Designer(s) Yuzu Soft
Artist(s) Kobuichi
Platform(s) PC
Release March 30, 2012
Genre(s) Visual novel, eroge
Mode(s) Single player

Dracu-riot! (ドラクリオット!, Dorakuriotto!) is an adult visual novel released by Yuzusoft on March 30, 2012. It is the 6th visual novel from Yuzusoft, immediately following Noble Works and Tenshin Ranman. It has two manga adaptions.[1]


The story takes place on the man-made floating island of Aqua Eden, where gambling and prostitution are considered legal by the government.

One summer day, Yūuto Mutsura and Naota Kurahashi travel to the island to lose their virginity. During their visit, they meet a girl named Miu, who directs them to a brothel. During a misunderstanding, Miu gets kidnapped, is taken to a harbor and is held for ransom. Yuuto then goes to the harbor to rescue her, where he too is taken hostage. The kidnappers are arrested by an island security task force. During a subsequent misunderstanding, Yuuto is turned into a vampire, learns that Aqua Eden is really a safe haven for vampires and that Miu is a vampire herself.


Main Characters[edit]

  • Yūto Mutsura (六連 佑斗, Mutsura Yūto)—The protagonist. He and his friend go to Aqua Eden to lose their virginity, but, instead, he gets turned into a vampire.
  • Miu Yarai (矢来 美羽, Yarai Miu) (Voiced by: Kōri Natsuno)—A telekinetic veteran vampire who sides with a security task force on Aqua Eden. She considers herself responsible for turning Yuuto into a vampire.
  • Azusa Mera (布良 梓, Mera Azusa) (Voiced by: Shizuku Satō)—A human girl who does not like being treated like a child. She is the academy's dormitory headmaster.
  • Rio Inamura (稲叢 莉音, Inamura Rio) (Voiced by: Hinata Ayukawa)—A vampire waitress at the Alexandrite restaurant/pub in the shopping district, who possesses super-human strength. She is sexually naive and is a common target of jokes.
  • Elina Olegovna Obeh (エリナ・オレゴヴナ・アヴェーン, Erina Oregovuna Avēn) (Voiced by: Erio Suzuki)—A Russian vampire who is transferred to Aqua Eden in order to promote the vampire population. Works as a Bunny girl at the Orthoclase casino. She likes to tease people, but doesn't like being teased herself. She makes vulgar jokes to discover others' reactions. She's different from a normal vampire because she needs to suck vampire blood to use her powers that control the electricity.

Sub Characters[edit]

  • Hiyori Ōfusa (大房 ひよ里, Ōfusa Hiyori) (Voiced by: Yuka Kanematsu)
  • Sayo Aragami (荒神 小夜, Aragami Sayo) (Voiced by: Ringo Aoba)
  • Anna Reticle (アンナ・レティクル, Anna Retikuru) (Voiced by: Rino Kawashima)
  • Moeka Awaji (淡路 萌香, Awaji Moeka) (Voiced by: Shizuku Takaido)
  • Nicola Cepheus (ニコラ・ケフェウス, Nikora Kefeusu) (Voiced by: Yuzu Asano)
  • Motoki Ōgi (扇 元樹, Ōgi Motoki) (Voiced by: One More Chance)
  • Hyōma Masukata (枡形 兵馬, Masutaka Hyōma) (Voiced by: Devil Katō)
  • Naota Kurahashi (倉端 直太, Kurahashi Naota) (Voiced by: Tetsuto Furukawa)


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