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Dracula tourism is a type of cultural tourism involving travel to sites associated with Dracula and his real or imaginary travels. There is Dracula Tourism in Transylvania, Romania and in the United Kingdom.

The most famous Dracula Tourism places to visit in Romania are:

  1. Bran Castle ("Castelul Bran"), considered to be the home of Dracula
  2. The City of Sighisoara, where you can visit the house in which Vlad the Impaler was born
  3. Old Princely Court ("Palatul Curtea Veche") in Bucharest
  4. Snagov Monastery ("Manastirea Snagov"), where, according to the legend, Vlad's remains were buried
  5. The ruins of the Poenari Fortress (considered to be the authentic Dracula's Castle)
  6. The village of Arefu, where Dracula legends are still told
  7. The city of Brasov, where Vlad led raids against the Saxons merchants.