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Dradition Pro-Wrestling
Acronym Dradition [1]
Founded 2008 [1]
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan [1]
Founder(s) Tatsumi Fujinami[1]
Owner(s) Tatsumi Fujinami[1]
Formerly Muga World Pro Wrestling

Dradition Pro-Wrestling (Dradition) is an independent Japanese professional wrestling promotion that, until 2008, was known as Muga World Pro Wrestling. The promotion was founded by and is owned by puroresu legend Tatsumi Fujinami, who has owned and operated it since its creation in August 2006.

The name of the promotion is a portmanteau of the words "tradition" and "dragon": the first term refer to the type of traditional wrestling promoted by Dradition, the so-called Inoki's "strong style", the second one is referred to Fujinami's nickname "The Dragon".

They run, on average, one show every 2–3 months and feature their own talent as well as participation from other promotions including Dramatic Dream Team, Ice Ribbon and SMASH, usually freelancers but now & then with participation from the major federations. Some of their talent frequently appears elsewhere as well.



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