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2018 Jacksonville Film Festival
LocationJacksonville, Florida, USA.
Hosted byJacksonville Film Festival
Festival dateSeptember 14-15, 2018

The 2018 Jacksonville Film Festival - It Starts Here, took place September 14-15, 2018.[1] The Jacksonville community had the chance to experience a variety of films on September 14 and 15. The event started Friday evening with the heartwarming documentary block, HEART YOUR DOCS, followed by the HOME & ABROAD and UTTERLY MACABRE film blocks Saturday. [2] The festival was dormant for six years and has been resurrected by new board members with the support of volunteers.[3]

Awards & Winning Films[edit]

The following awards were presented:[4] [5]

  • Best Documentary Award: My Paintbrush Bites / U.S.A (Director: Joel Pincosy)
  • Best Short Narrative Award: 8328 / Canada (Director: Marc-Andre Girard)
  • Best Screenplay: 8328 / Canada (Director: Marc-Andre Girard)
  • Best Feature Narrative Award: Rehabilitation of the Hill / U.S.A. (Director: Demetrius Wren)
  • Best Director Award: Great Choice / U.S.A. (Director: Robin Comisar)
  • Best Actor/Actress Award: Carrie Coon for her performance in Great Choice / U.S.A.

Official Selection[edit]

The following films are 2018 Official Selection:[6]

  • Peace of Heart – US – Director: Josh Hansbrough
  • Gift of Wings – US – Director: Ted Snow
  • How Much I love you – US – Director: Ashley Kramer
  • My Paintbrush Bites – US – Director: Joel Pincosy
  • Rehabilitation of the Hill – US – Director: Demetrius Wren
  • True Justice – US – Director: Scott Lowery
  • The Dirty Kind – US – Director: Vilan Trub
  • Falling South – US- Director: Lorraine Portman
  • Mister Biscuits – United Kingdom – Director: Tom Lavinge
  • Domestic Policy – United Kingdom – Director: Alicia McDonald
  • 8328 – Canada – Director: Marc-Andre Girard
  • We Summoned A Demon – US – Director: Chris McInroy
  • My Monster – US – Director: Izzy Lee
  • Imitations – US – Director: Connor Dolby
  • CELL – United Kingdom – Director: Paul Holbrook
  • Earworm – US – Director: Tara Price
  • Lullaby – US – Director: Randy Valdes
  • Survivor Type – US – Director: Billy Hanson
  • Great Choice – US – Director: Robin Comisar


The following is a list of team members for 2018 Jacksonville Film Festival.[7]

  • Festival Director - Niki Logoreci
  • Director of Programming - Tim Driscoll
  • Public Relations Director - Monica Whitsel
  • Public Relations Liaison - Sharon Cobb
  • Volunteer Coordinator - Andrew Cardy
  • Programming - John Andrucci
  • Art Director - Dane deRiestha

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