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AGAPE Superior Living, or AGAPE, is a Malaysia-based multi-level network marketing company that specialises in research and production of various health products including functional beverage, dietary supplements and skincare products. AGAPE is founded by Malaysian billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Dato' Sri Dr. How Kok Choong. How serves as the Global President and CEO of AGAPE. AGAPE products, which are manufactured in several countries including Taiwan and the United States, are sold mainly in Asian countries. AGAPE products are sold through a network of independent distributors (referred to as "leaders"). In 2017, AGAPE announced its plan to list on New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) by early 2020. Upon successful listing, AGAPE will be the first Malaysian multinational corporation to in NYSE. AGAPE's main product is the ATP Zeta Program, a comprehensive set of cell-based nutritional supplements. ATP Zeta consists of nine products - ATP1s Survivor Select, ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate, ATP3 Ionized Cal-Mag, ATP4 Omega Blend, ATP5 BetaMaxx, AGN Vege Fruit Fiber, AGP1 Iron, YFA Young Formula and ORYC Organic Bar. The company's head office is currently located in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.




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