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    Aleksandra Bednarz - Polish stage and film actor, theatre facilitator, artistic director in ON/OFF Association, acting coach for 元剧场 theatre group and XieXin (谢欣) Dance Theatre, drama teacher and theatre pedagogue. She is a vice president of ON/OFF Association and a member of ITI International Theater Institute.


    She graduated with master degree in art (Intercultural Communication) at Shanghai Theatre Academy (2022), master degree in art (theatre and film acting) at National Film School in Łódź (2007) and postgraduate studies of Culture Management at University of Warsaw (2016).

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    Acting career[edit]

    She performed on various stages, including underground theatres, in Shanghai, Harbin, Warsaw, Poznań, Toruń and Bydgoszcz, earning many rewards and honourable mentions at drama festivals. She has collaborated with directors and choreographers such as Krystian Lupa, Wiktor Rubin, Mikołaj Mikołajczyk, Agata Dyczko, Iwona Kempa, Grigorij Lifanov, Cezary Tomaszewski, Michał Siegoczyński, Przemysław Wojcieszek and has created more than 30 theater roles.[1]

    Her latest role is Journalist from Oland in the performance "Mo Fei" directed by Krystian Lupa in which she partnered on stage Wang Xuebing.[2][3]

    Her film roles were also well received; she played the main role in Ireneusz Grzyb and Aleksandra Gowin's film “Druciki” and supporting roles, among others, in Anna Jadowska's “Z miłości” and Tomasz Wasilewski's “Floating Skyscrapers”.[4] [5][6]


    She was awarded The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Prize for role “Ona” in performance “2084” by M.Siegoczyński, The Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage art scholarship for the project “Etno Street Art” and President of City Toruń scholarship for interdisciplinary project “ROBO I OSOBO” which was staged in Powszechny Theater in Warsaw, Center of Contemporary Art in Torun and Szombierki Heat Power Station in Bytom.


    She is a member of B61 Institute – art and science collective creating immersive site-specific performances. She has worked with a group as an art curator in Armenia during Starmus Festival (2022)[7], San Miguel Island in Azores during TREMOR Festival (2019)[8] and in India during “The Story of Space” Festival (2017).[9] [10]


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