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Connor Williams (born March 28, 1997) is an American film and television actor, known for playing many types of roles including Ray in the Indy hit movie Regionrat, Dean/Dino in The UnMiracle, Andrew in American Nobody, Robbie in Happy Hunting, and Jared in Spoilers:The Movie. He also co-starred and has a recurring role on the Netflix series hit TV show American Vandal playing Ethan Owens.[1]

Early Life/Education[edit]

Connor Williams was born in Folsom, California. He is the second oldest of four siblings born to Matt and Patti Williams. He has an older brother Aidan, a younger sister Megan and a younger brother Quinn.[2] He is the only actor in the family. He moved to Eagle, Idaho while in the second grade. He attended Rolling Hills Public Charter, Eagle Middle and graduated from Eagle High School in 2015.[3]

Oddly, he never took any acting lessons or joined the drama club. He was too busy playing hacky sack to get involved. He started to make and submit short films to different film festivals around the world at the age of 10 winning many awards.[4] Entering his senior year of high school, he decided to make a feature film. He made Spoilers: The Movie casting other actors from around the U.S. Connor attended New York Film Academy on scholarship and graduated with a BFA in 2019.[5]


At the age of 8 Williams took a film class at the local PBS and learned how to shoot, light, sound and edit. He then made his short film Kiss which he won his first award at the Vale Film Festival in Oregon. After winning 100.00 and a karaoke machine he was hooked. He went on to make short films through his youth and teen years. The Idaho Statesman Newspaper took notice and wrote an article on him at 10 years old on his film The Kiss. [6]

In High School, he signed with Stars Talent in Salt Lake City, Utah and started auditioning for bigger budget movies. His first break came when Jared Hess Director of Napoleon Dynamite cast him in two scenes with Sam Rockwell in Don Verdean. While cut out of the movie except for 2 seconds that gave Williams the confidence he could become an actor.[7]

Heading into his senior year, Williams decided to make a feature film. Spoilers: The Movie an updated Breakfast Club type movie. He was nominated for Best Actor playing a skinhead gang banger at the Utah Film Festival. That film won Best Student Film at the Temecula Independent Film Festival. He ended up casting Terry Kiser and four other teen actors from Illinois, California, Texas and New York.[8]

His big break came when heading into his Senior year Williams was then cast as one of the leads opposite Kevin Sorbo and Stephen Baldwin in the Christian film The UnMiracle. He spent a couple of weeks in Chicago shooting the film and playing the role as Dean the long hair drug user/loser.[9]

Three days after graduating high school in 2015 he headed to Salt Lake City, Utah as he was cast as the lead in American Nobody. He was nominated for Best Actor at the Utah Film Festival.[10]

He then drove down to Los Angles to attend New York Film Academy on an acting scholarship. The very first day he booked a supporting lead role in Happy Hunting directed by Mel Gibson’s son, Louie.[11]


2020 Valley Girl

2019 Regionrat

2019 4 Way to Heaven

2018 Mask of Revenge

2017 Unicorn Store

2017 The UnMiracle

2017 Fall Out Boy: Champion

2017 The Cat Will (Certainly) Live

2017 Happy Hunting

2016 American Nobody

2016 American Male

2016 Two Steps Away

2016 Claire

2015 Don Verdean

2014 Spoilers: The Movie

2014 Good Boy Connor

2013 Double Trouble


2019 The Goldbergs

2018 American Vandal


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