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Alternative Road

Serbian Cyrillic: Трећи пут, romanizedTreći put
LeaderVladimir Todorović
FounderVladimir Todorović
Founded2018 (2018)
HeadquartersBelgrade, Serbia
IdeologySocial Democracy
Economic Nationalism
Soft Euroscepticism
Political positionCenter-left
Colors  Navy   Green
National Assembly
0 / 250

Alternative Road (Serbian Cyrillic: Трећи пут, romanizedTreći put) is a Social Democratic Party in Serbia, distinct for its self-proclaimed patriotic stances on the economy and territory of Serbia. Its policies focus on encouraging democratic dialogue, non-isolationist self-reliance, and a general anti-establishment and anti-corruption stance.


Established in 2018, Alternative Road was founded in response to a number of politicians remaining prominent for what is seen by members as an inappropriately long time[1][2]. In response to this, Alternative Road is a flat-structure organisation with stated ideals of egalitarianism[3]. Members or ex-members of other parties are barred from joining.

The current president is the movement’s founder, Vladimir Todorović. Todorović was on Vračar municipal list of Metla 2020 (Broom 2020) and has become assembly member (odbornik) in the local assembly[4][5].

Electoral Results[edit]

Parliamentary Elections[edit]

Year Leader Popular vote % of popular vote # of seats Seat change Coalition Coalition Leader Government
2020 Vladimir Todorović 72,085 2.24
0 / 250
New Metla 2020 Miloš Jovanović no seats

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