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Asem Mohammadi[edit]

Asem Mohammadi
Born Gilan, Iran
Occupation researcher, educational counselor, Psychologist, scientific advisor

Seyyed Asem Mohammadi (Persian: سید عاصم محمدی‎; born in gilan, Iran) is an Iranian researcher, researcher, educational counselor, Psychologist, scientific advisor


After graduating from high school, he studied psychology at the university, and at the same time he studied English,Crisis Management,Rescue, Disaster and several other disciplines. After completing senior psychology, he launched the first specialized educational center for all grade of education.


Seyyed Asem Mohammadi Educational counselor and psychologist After launching the first specialized counseling center, they began providing counseling and planning podcasts, and managing life style free of charge. His goal was to use the entire population at various levels with the aim of using a barred group of professional career counseling services without any financial concerns or concerns. So that now all students can use the site of the site of the Specialist Advisory Center of Professor Mohammadi free of charge and use planning consulting services, planning training, eliminating habits, attacks and study difficulties.

By providing these services, the audience is now in the reach of a country, so that Google's site, which ranked first in search engines, was named after Assam Mohammadi, the first-rate consulting center for planning the 100th site. The top links are top and bottom of the page. Since 2010, Solar has begun studying in the field of academic counseling, which has led to the presentation of the most up-to-date and most recent method of counseling and planning in the field of education. In this context, he has played a key role in the success of many examinations in recent years.

It should also be noted that with the change of the system and education system of the country in the years 2005 and 2018, as well as with the changes and editing of books in 2013-2014-2015-2016, he was one of the most advanced educational advisers with the exception of topics and books They have a variety of educational help books and various publications, as well as the first and only professional education advisers who can provide students with tailor-made teaching materials according to the needs of the students.


Seyyed Asem Mohammadi has been able to provide more than thousands of students with counseling services through counseling services at his Counseling Center during the past years. Using a specific methodology, the methodology for designing and planning basic and basic training courses Educate and study in a new way. The production of over three thousand minutes of free audio podcasts in virtual space and the site of the Counseling Center is one of the things that are easily accessible to the general public, which has led to the diversification of students to advance their academic goals. Many students use their experiences of the role and influence of these files every year in their lives.

Educational center[edit]

The site of Sayed Asem Mohammadi Consulting Center, which has been working for several years now, has specialized in providing specialized counseling services in various fields of study. This site, which is accessible to everyone at www.barname100.ir, can provide all the consulting needs that a student or even their parents needs. This center will always communicate with students on the questions and problems of students online and will directly communicate with students, which will make the students directly involved with the personality of Mohammadi and will receive their answers personally.

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