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Avissinias Square (Greek: Πλατεία Αβησσυνίας) is an old commercial place of Athens. On Sundays, since 1910, the square is a true "flea market", where you can buy second-hand goods, records (lot of vinyl...), books, clothing, etc. Here is an open-air antique market, but beside genuine stuff, you can find also asian or local "antique" kitch-items, designed basically as souvenirs. Around the square there are a lot of shops, opened all week long, where you can buy different things, such as antique furniture, collectables, leather, music, souvenirs, clothes, etc, new or second-hand.


It seems that the name comes from an Ethiopian (Abyssinian) neighbourhood placed in the area at one time. On the other hand, the square is believed to have been named like this in honour of the Regent of Abyssinia, later Ethiopia’s emperor, Haile Selassie I, who sent, in 1922, aid to Greek refugees from Asia Minor. Another name for Avissinias Square is Youssouroum, after a Jewish antique dealer (Noah Yussuroum) settled in Monastiraki in 1863, who used to have his store here. In this area, long time ago, there was a small church, now demolished, named Church of Saint Nicholas Manganarias, thus this area used to be referred to, after the Ottoman period, as Manganaria.


The market is only 200 m away (just a 2 minutes walk) from Monastiraki metro station. It lies south of Ermou Street, and north of Iseftou Street. In one corner of the little square, one can find of of the most popular restaurants in Athens, Café Avissinia.


Coordinates: 37°58′35.8″N 23°43′26.2″E / 37.976611°N 23.723944°E / 37.976611; 23.723944