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Caro Feely (born Caroline Marian Wardle 6 October 1968) is a South African born Irish writer, Wine & Spirit Education Trust certified wine educator, winemaker and organic activist living in Saussignac, France.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Caro grew up on a sugar farm in Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa. After high school at St. Anne's Diocesan College boarding school in Hilton, South Africa she completed a BCom at the University of KwaZulu Natal then Honours at the University of South Africa and a Masters in Economics at Rand Afrikaans University.


She met her husband Sean Feely, a journalist at the time, in Johannesburg. They lived and worked in Dublin for eight years[2] before moving to France to set up an organic vinyard in 2005.[3] Her first book Grape Expectations is about moving from Dublin city to France to go wine farming and converting to organic.[4][5][6]

The second book Saving Our Skins is about settling, converting to biodynamics, transforming the farm to an organic vineyard.[7][8][9]

In 2015 Summersdale published a wine book by Feely, Wine: The Essential Guide to Tasting, History, Culture and More'.

In 2017 Summersdale published Feely's third book in the series about life on the organic vineyard: 'Glass Half Full' [10]

The vineyard owned and run with husband Sean, Chateau Feely, won the Best of Wine Tourism gold trophy for sustainable tourism in the Bordeaux region in 2013 [11] under the original farm name 'Haut Garrigue', officially changed to the Family name SARL Chateau Feely on 20 June 2014 [12] and for vineyard accommodation in 2017 [13] . Feely is the wine writer for Living magazine [14] and has articles published on JancisRobinson [15]

Feely is a regular speaker on the subject of organic farming and wine [16].

The Feelys continue to produce a number of organic, biodynamic and natural wines [17] recognised for their quality [18] and cited as a favourite by a famous character of the Dordogne Martin Walker's [19] 'Bruno Chief of Police'. The Feely vineyard is also known for their vineyard share [20] and harvest weekend covered on RTE (Irish National Broadcaster) Nationwide in November 2009 [21].



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