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Diamond Cafe (EP) is the second mini album released by Canadian singer Tristan Thompson, also known as Diamond Cafe. It was released as a self-funded cassette tape on 16 September 2017, with a limited copy of 40.[1]. The writing, composing and production of the entire album were handled by Tristan Thompson[2].

On 1 September 2020, Thompson launched a crowdfunding campaign on his Facebook page. The campaign was funded via a crowdfunding platform Qrates to publish the vinyl record version of Diamond Cafe (EP). The vinyl record size was 12 inches (33 rpm), and costed $20 for each vinyl record. The fundraising period was from 2 September 2020 to 16 November 2020, total of 76-day period. It was limited to 200 copies, and 220 copies were finally successfully sold [3]

Track listing:

1."It's Been A Mess Without You"3:44
2."Get To Know You"3:42
3."Tell Me That You Need Me"4:17
5."Please You Right"3:46
6."Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight"4:20
7."What's Inside"4:26
8."Hold On..."4:18
Total length:33:15