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Donovan J. Greening
Donovan in 2017
Donovan Jarod Greening

(1997-12-11) December 11, 1997 (age 20)
ResidenceFarmington Hills
CitizenshipUnited States
EducationBrother Rice High School, Bowling Green State University
OccupationCEO - Greening Corporation[1]
Known forThe Greening Corporation, XVSound, Fetch N Go Delivery Service, XVTech LLC
WebsiteThe Greening Corporation

Donovan J. Greening is an American Entrepreneur, Consultant and Business magnate. He is currently the President & Founder of The Greening Corporation, a full service Digital Marketing agency founded when he was 15 years old. In 2017, his firm helped generate several million in potential claims and revenue for his clients while also helping multiple victim of mesothelioma & lung cancer find justice.[2]

Early Life & Education[edit]

Born in Farmington Hills Michigan, his early education included attendance at Lanigan Elementary, East Middle School, Harrison High School and Brother Rice High School. Donovan currently attends college at Bowling Green State University where he is pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems.[3]

Early Interest[edit]

Donovan J. Greening[4] began his journey as an Entrepreneur at the age of 15 with a small Limited Liability Company called XVSound[5]. The nomenclature of "XV" stemming from the roman numerals for 15 since he created many Business Plans at this age, all dawned with the "XV" prefix. The idea behind the channel was to give unknown artists a means for exposure & listeners a premium experience. Content was initially posted on the Youtube Channel and later the XVSound Soundcloud. The Youtube Channel and Soundcloud have generated over 5.1 Million views from a global audience since launch. Other than North Korea, the XVSound[6] Youtube channel has had at least one viewer from every country on Earth.

Donovan J. Greening and Sam Zeer founded Fetch N Go Delivery Service[7] while attending Brother Rice High School during their sophomore and junior years. Fetch N Go Delivery Service was a Grocery Delivery Service in Oakland county Michigan. The initial purpose was to help the elderly, disabled, and those physically unable to travel to the store and get the groceries they need. Fetch N Go Delivery Service[8] had a corporate partnership with Heartland Marketplace[9] of Michigan, a full service grocery store in Farmington Hills, Michigan and Westland, Michigan. Fetch N Go Delivery Service[10] would later expand to begin servicing clients who simply did not have time to travel to the grocery store. In late 2016, Donovan was bought out of Fetch N Go Delivery Service. This made Sam Zeer the sole owner of Fetch N Go Delivery Service.


At the age of 15, Donovan started XVTech[11] LLC. XVTech is a Limited Liability Company that focused on the acquisition, development and management of websites, databases, mobile applications and software systems for private equity interests. This began with a music streaming website developed by Donovan to run parallel to the XVSound Youtube Channel. The first XVTech web asset was a simple travel brokerage website called "My Hotel Rate" which involved the conversion of Digital traffic to the sales of flights, hotel rooms, and rental cars. Donovan created and managed this web asset at the age of 16 during his time at Brother Rice High School. From this began the development of multiple IOS and Android applications for private equity interests. Development in the public market began once XVTech officially started to offer website development to local businesses. A few companies that had their website developed by XVTech were Performance 80 Fitness Studio, The official website of DJBJ[12] 3525[13] of Hot 107.5[14] a WGPR radio station, Core by Venus Makeup Academy and Front Page Deli.

In 2017, XVTech made the transition over to become The Greening Corporation[15], a full service Digital Marketing agency focused on developing online marketing solutions. One of Greening Corp.'s first clients was the National Mesothelioma Law Firm of Goldberg, Persky & White P.C.. The Lawyers at Goldberg, Persky & White P.C. had seen much success with over forty years of experience in Asbestos Litigation on behalf of thousands of clients. Their main client base are victims of asbestos exposure who developed Mesothelioma, Asbestosis or Lung Cancer. [16]Throughout this campaign Donovan worked hand in hand with their Goldberg, Persky & White's Managing Partner Lane Clack[17] to develop commercials, multiple websites, executed multi stage google ranking tactics, social media marketing, news & media press releases. From this effort GPW has dominated their market and beat several multi-million dollar firms online with their marketing efforts.[18]The Greening Corporation currently manages over 9,000 pages of website content for Goldberg, Persky and White. This client has seen several million in potential case value from Donovan’s efforts in just 4 months after launching their digital campaign.


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