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Headphone Zone is an Indian e-commerce company based founded by Raghav Somani.[1][2][3] It sells headphones, in-ear monitors, headphone amplifiers, digital-to-analog converter, portable audio players and personal audio accessories.[4]

Headphone Zone Logo
Headphone Zone Logo after rebranding in 2018[5]


Raghav Somani founded Headphone Zone in 2011 with a retail store in Bangalore, India.[1][6][7] The company started as a headphone and earphone retail store and expanded to 9 stores and kiosks in Chennai, Bangalore, and Mumbai and transitioned to an online retailer in 2015.[8][9]


Headphone Connect is an event hosted by Headphone Zone for headphone enthusiasts and audiophiles.Started in 2015[10], the events take place across various cities in India.[11][12][13][14][15]

Headphone Connect Logo.svg


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