Draft:Installing the Easy Granite Bracket

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The Easy Granite Bracket[edit]

It is the first of its kind.

  1. Easy Install
  2. Self-Leveling
  3. Low Profile

The bracket has the ability to self correct upon install.[edit]

The bracket has three parts.[edit]

1.'THE REAR PRESSURE PLATE:' Rear Pressure Plate and is the part of the bracket that sits behind the support structure fulcrum.

2.'THE FORWARD SUPPORT PLATE:' This part of the brace that sits forward of the support structure.

3.'THE MOUNTING PLATE:' The Mounting Plate and is a 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch square with its four screw holes used for fastening the bracket to a cabinet.

Top view of the Easy Granite Bracket

Inventor - Peter Cockram United States Patent and Trademark Office

Sold by the Granite Bracket Shop.