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Joey Camp
Joseph A. Camp

Joseph Anthony Camp is an American talent manager who ran for President of the United States in 2020.[1][2][3] and is currently running for Denver City School Board of Directors County at Large[4]. He is also a screen actor, hip-hop artist and satirical political candidate.

Career and education[edit]

In 2018 Camp enrolled in Cross Purpose Career and Community Development program where he graduated 2019 with a certification in Legal Secretary and started working full-time for a law office.[5]. After graduation from Cross Purpose Camp formed the talent management group Cierra F's Modeling [6] [7].

In addition to talent management, Camp livestreams, photographs and journals about social justice issues with a focus on criminal conduct during civil unrest, riots and demonstrations[8]. He recorded events that took place during the Oct. 10, 2020 "Antifa - BLM Soup Drive"[9] in Denver, Colorado[10] which saw the death of Lee Keltner[11].

In December 2020 Camp founded YourDaddyJoey.com - Far-Left news which is an user-generated aggregation of content related to what he describes as "Far-Left Antifa" extremists[12].

Acting and entertainment career[edit]

In 2005 Camp did a cameo in the television show Las Vegas[13].

In 2018 Camp did a cameo in the indie film The Auction[14].

In 2013 Camp performed on the hit single Land of the Bully Breed, number 4 on the Revival album with hip-hop artist Trademark and producer Kafka for Good Look Ent.[15].

Political involvement and candidacy[edit]

In 2017, Camp filed motions to intervene in the Donald Trump travel ban litigation as the fictional persona "Mikki the Mime" [16] [17] [18]. The presiding judge denied the request of "Ms. Mime" [19].

Camp has also worked on the campaign for 2020 United States Senate Candidate Joshua Rodriguez as photographer and de facto campaign manager[20]

While on parole supervision for the Attempt to Influence a Public Servant arrest Camp learned that he was unable to vote in the 2020 Presidential election (or any election in Colorado) due to the fact that he was technically "incarcerated" pursuant to then Colorado law[21]. As such Camp filed his presidential candidacy application with the Federal Elections Commission [22] and started running his satirical candidacy for President of the United States of America called "Joey Camp 2020" [23] with the stated intent of stealing votes from major party candidates using the spoiler effect [24]. Open Secrets quoted Camp as saying "when I am president EVERYONE will be permitted to vote" [24]. Colorado has since restored the voting rights to parolees [25] [26] and Camp lost his write-in candidacy for President.

Camp has gone on to file, declare and withdraw his candidacy for 2020 United States Senate -Colorado.[27] and 2020 United States House of Representative -Colorado, District 1 [1].

Camp has registered as a 2021 candidate for Denver City School District Board of Directors County At Large[4].

Criminal history[edit]

Federal computer hacking arrest[edit]

During the fall 2009 semester at the University of Central Missouri, Camp and classmate Daniel Fowler were arrested by the FBI for a series of computer hacking offenses when they allegedly hacked into the computer systems of the university to change grades and steal databases of student and faculty information [28] [29]. Camp was sentenced to 3 years in federal prison [30] [31]

Colorado arrest[edit]

Camp was again arrested in August 2016 and convicted of attempted influence of a public servant after making threats of litigation towards a law enforcement agent [32] [5].


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