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Jozo Radanović
Jozo Radanovic.jpg
Jozo Radanovic
Born 19 November 1965
Dicmo, Croatia
Died 24 January 2009 (2009-01-25) (aged 43)
Dicmo, Croatia
Nationality Croat
Years active 1991 - 1995
Known for Founding member of IX. bojna "Rafael vitez Boban"
Title Lieutenant colonel (HOS)
bojnik (HV)
Political party Croatian Party of Rights

Jozo Radanovic (1965 - 2009) is one of the founders of armed forces unite “Rafael Vitez Boban“ HOS-a, and longtime president of the Croatian Officers Association in Split and the Chairman of the International Conference of officers of cities in six countries of the Adriatic. Radanovic held the rank of Major and was a member of HSP.

Charity work[edit]

Jozo Radanovic, with an "Order of the military nobility" has a title of "Cavaliere knight von Delo" in Umag, Croatia on 15 December was appointed deputy (domeštra) Great MASTERS for Croatia. This brought Croatia to be eleventh European country in which this order operates, the Order "Ritter von Delo" was founded in 1608 in Venice, on the initiative of the Military Academy of the same name.


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