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Luca Dayz
R&B Singer Luca Dayz.jpg
Background information
Born September 13, 1993 (age 25)
Genres R&B · Soul · Hip Hop
Occupation(s) Singer · songwriter · record producer · arranger · vocal producer · record executive · audio engineer · visual artist · actor · entrepreneur · ceo · philanthropist · activist
Instruments Vocals · piano · guitar · synthesizer
Years active 2010–present
Labels Bentley Records · Warner Music Singapore
Associated acts Lloyd (singer) · Ryan Leslie · Carlprit · Snoop Dogg · Horace Brown (musician) · Tommy Organ · Troy Taylor · Eko Fresh
Website www.Bentley-Music.com

Luca Dayz (born September 13, 1993) is an international R&B Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist and Record Executive. He is also the President of Luxo Group International, as well as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bentley Records, LuxoAir, LuxoTravels and XKON Designer Fashions. Various charities are done through the organizations charity arm Luxo Group HOPE Foundation.

Music career[edit]

2010-2013: Career beginnings[edit]

Dayz has been writing songs and recording his own material since he was 13. Initially using a Panasonic karaoke mic, with a sponge as the pop filter and recording using Adobe Audition in his first PC. At 15 he started his first home recording studio with a basic condenser microphone from Røde, a M-Audio midi keyboard and a Behringer 4 channel mixer, while recording using Sony Acid Pro. Here he learned the basics of recordings and by age 16 transitioned into recording more professionally using Reason and Cubase. Dayz is also a self-taught vocalist, pianist and guitarist.

At 17 he was discovered on twitter by Grammy Award winning record producer Troy Taylor.[1] During this time Dayz was also essentially homeless and was living in the streets,[2] while using music to make ends meet. According to Dayz meeting Taylor was a sign from God and really inspired him to take his music career more seriously. Afterwards he received mentorship from Taylor and learned the basics of vocal production and harmonization. He also did extensive research on R&B music during this time. By then he started mastering the DAWs Logic Pro and Pro Tools.

On September 12th 2011 he dropped his first official song "Still Love You Girl" through his YouTube channel LucaDayzTV. Dayz's first attempt at doing a show was rejected at the door of a prominent local club, where he carried his music in a CD and equipment and walked in announced. Determined not to be discouraged by this he kept trying different spots, until he finally earned himself a performance slot at an open mic through a mutual contact.[3] Dayz's performance was the last of the night, hence making him miss the last train back. The location of the showcase was over 60 miles from his home at that time, therefore he had to spend the night inside the foul-smelling elevator of the train station on a cold winter night.

He received his first international airplay shortly afterwards in UK radio station Pulse 98.4.[4][5]

At the time he was studying audio engineering professionally, but decided to drop out of college within a couple weeks, after getting bored from the lectures and realizing that it is not a subject which could be taught and learned.

Few months later he was hired as an audio engineer by one of Cologne's biggest recording studios Interface Studios after a successful meeting with it's founder. Here he received mentorship from head engineer Hayo Stahl. At Interface Studios Dayz worked with numerous A-list artists such as Eko Fresh,[6][7] as well as major brands such as Opel and RTL II.[8] Meanwhile he started to experiment and develop his own music style. At this time he also did productions for artists from labels such as Zooland Records and Kontor Records among others.

On October 2nd 2012 Dayz opened for R&B singer Horace Brown.[9] His first TV appearance was on German TV channel VOX in the program "Herrchentausch".[10][11][12]

In 2012 a remix of Ryan Leslie's smash hit "Fly Together" went viral and reached various independent DJ charts worldwide.[13][14]

2013-2014: Debut album, world tour[edit]

After working 2 years continuously in the studio on his debut album "Intimate Conversation", Dayz released it on June 6th 2013. The album mainly consisted of R&B and soul records and was produced, mixed and mastered by Dayz himself. It also featured guest vocals from R&B singer Lloyd[15][16] and YouTube sensation Laurence0802. Upon releasing the album Dayz did a self-funded world tour promoting the album, starting in Cologne, Germany[17] and then heading towards the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Thailand, Singapore and finally ending in the Maldives.[18] During the tour he performed in some prominent clubs such as Rain Amsterdam,[19] Club Amber in Zürich and White Luxembourg. In June he released the music video for "Sweet MF" to further promote the album.[20] This was his first music video to reach over 1 million views on YouTube.[21][22] Currently Luca Dayz has over 3 million views on YouTube on his various music video releases and collaborations.

By late 2013 the album had more than 25,000 downloads on DatPiff, reaching bronze level,[23] thus earning him a plaque award from IAS.[24]

2014-2015: Other releases, Warner Music Singapore[edit]

On valentines day in 2014 Dayz released his critically acclaimed single "Panties On Da Floor" along with a teaser video. Soon after he collaborated with rapper Carlprit and producer Iraj on another release.[25][26] In June he released a music video for "3 Night Stand" shot in the Maldives at luxury resort Meeru via VEVO and MTV.[27] On November 21st 2014 Dayz announced that he has successfully negotiated an EP release deal with Warner Music Singapore[28][29] upon discussions with Managing Director Simon Nasser, a longtime associate and mentor.

2015-present: Bentley Records, new album[edit]

In 2015 Dayz officially opened the doors for other artists to collaborate with Bentley Records, LLC based in New York City.[30][31][32] The record label was initially founded by Luca Dayz back in 2013 in his one bedroom apartment to release his own music. In mid 2016 he also worked on a record with label mate KZ featuring rap icon Snoop Dogg,[33] produced by long term production collaborator Turreekk. During this time he also announced working on his new album "Controversial". The album will feature some major artists and is planned to be released during late 2019.

Business career[edit]

Bentley Records[edit]

Luca Dayz founded independent record label Bentley Records, LLC in 2013 to release his own material. Soon afterwards he was approached by fellow artists to release their material through the label. In 2015 Dayz partnered with a longtime friend from Michigan, audio engineer Troy Beelen(at the time based in Los Angeles, California) and officially started operations of the label with their flagship office at 14 Wall Street in downtown Manhattan.[34][35] Beelen quit his job and relocated to Brooklyn to help with the labels A&R work.[36] At the time Bentley Records successfully negotiated and signed a few artists, notably Michael Jackson's former guitarist Tommy Organ,[37][38] Billboard charting songwriter and rapper BigTyme[39] and Arizona rapper West Crav. First international act to sign was DJ & producer DJ SQ, an old acquaintance from Germany whom Dayz met quite randomly in Dubai, after many years.[40] Dayz signed him during a cab ride. Soon after Bentley Records opened doors for a few other artists to collaborate through the label as well.[41][42][43][44][45] Bentley Records has had various chart successes throughout the years since it's inception.[46] The label also works with ReverbNation for artist scouting.[47] Bentley artists have toured nationwide[48] under the guidance of Dayz and has featured in international magazines,[49] worldwide radio stations,[50] as well as national TV stations such as FOX 26 from the FOX TV Networks.[51]

Luxo Group International[edit]

After the success with Bentley Records, as well as his music career, Dayz decided to invest into a few other ventures he is passionate about. Thus Luxo Group International was founded as the holding company. In late 2014 while in Singapore he started XKON, a designer clothing brand. Soon afterwards he ventured into aviation, a passion of his since early childhood, through private jet charter company LuxoAir. On July 12th 2017 the London based luxury travel brand LuxoTravels Limited was officially launched at the inaugural Travel Trade Maldives.[52][53] Luxo Group International is a fully privately held organization. Currently the Luxo Group employs around 50 employees on both full time and part time basis at offices based across 3 continents.[54]

Luca Dayz is also a self-taught computer programmer, which has been monumental throughout his career.


Luxo Group HOPE Foundation[edit]

Luca Dayz and Luxo Group International engages in various charities throughout the year through their charitable arm Luxo Group HOPE Foundation. In 2013 Dayz donated to the Philippines Red Cross during the 2012 Luzon southwest monsoon floods.[55] In 2014 Dayz donated to the ALS after doing his Ice Bucket Challenge,[56] while challenging fellow R&B singer Tank. Luxo Group will be announcing their charity for 2018 in December. Luca Dayz has made a pledge to donate all his earnings to charity and research during his lifetime.


Human Rights[edit]

Dayz is a passionate human rights activist. His main advocacies are on human trafficking elimination and poverty alleviation.[57] In 2015 Luca Dayz made an officially entry on anti-poverty in the House of Commons book of Tribute to the late Nelson Mandela, next to an entry by former US President Barack Obama.[58][59]


Luca Dayz has publicly shown his support for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.


Dayz's music is mainly R&B, while occasionally he showcases his ability to mix with Hip Hop, Pop and EDM as well. He has stated that greats such as Brian McKnight, R Kelly, Jeffrey Osborne & D'Angelo are his biggest influences.



  • Intimate Conversation(2013)


  • Sparktime I(2011)
  • Chillers Lounge Exclusive(2014 Instrumentals Mixtape)



  • Random Calls(2013)
  • Privacy(2013)
  • Panties On Da Floor(2014)
  • Get Gone Feat. Carlprit(2014)
  • 3 Night Stand(2015)
  • Let You Know Feat. Bonnie Jets(2015)

Official Music Videos(selected)[edit]

  • Sweet MF(2013)
  • Random Calls(2013)
  • Get Gone Feat. Carlprit(2014)
  • 3 Night Stand(2015)


Year Title Role Notes
2013 Herrchentausch Himself Season 1, Episode 1 "Monikas Abenteuer im Tonstudio" on VOX TV


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